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Breezy point kitesurfing
Strong wind with big air and loop.
Added November 4, 2018 / rating 0 / views 194 / comments 0
gusty kiteloop session on 9m GP
very fun, got some really big air and attempted some pretty high loop.
Added October 29, 2018 / rating 0 / views 202 / comments 0
Kiteboarding winter 17 18 sessions
Haven't done an edit in a while, here is a mix of a few sessions from last winter. Got some nice gust wind with some big air and kiteloop. Worked a bit on late front roll and slow inverted front roll. Music: Good Old Days by Joaquim Karud Spots are o...
Added March 23, 2018 / rating 0 / views 511 / comments 0
Dizzy Kitesurfing on Longisland New York, double backroll kiteloop and some fun
Fun session considering we were underpowered on 9m 15 to 22 knots. Starting to be consistent on double backroll kiteloop. Get some lucky powered backroll kiteloop and some bad wipeout where i got the wind knocked out of me. Unhooking is going to require more work when weather warms up. Trying ou...
Added December 28, 2017 / rating 0 / views 413 / comments 0
Strictly Kiteloop OBX edition
Traveled to OBX for a trip mid October. Got 2 solid days of kiteloop session, had to make a dedicated video. I will make another one with a bit more variety. NNE wind, so a bit of a shadow behind the realkiteboarding slick, but got good enough for some kiteloop that morning I took gopro out. ...
Added November 3, 2017 / rating 0 / views 319 / comments 0
which gopro mount for kitesurfing?
Tried to mix up different gopro mounts: Started off with helmet mount. 1080p Superview Put helmet down on sand bar / a pole would work too ;) For the end of the session I setup the camrig line mount. 1080p Medium fov Mainly practiced some kiteloop, backroll kiteloop and some unhooking. Wind...
Added October 4, 2017 / rating 0 / views 303 / comments 0
Summer trip in North Carolina OBX
Weekend in the outerbanks north carolina. Did a tether with a friend but this is pretty sketchy as tons of tension in the lines so I don't recommend it. Did some downwinder to the real kiteboarding slick Pretty good gap jump in real slick Some small gap jump fails including hitting a tree. Was ...
Added August 9, 2017 / rating 0 / views 336 / comments 0
Kitesurfing - Dreaming of summer kiteloop session
Pretty sweet kiteloop session for summer wind ;) Went up all the way upwind for some nice flat water of Fire Island, New York at Democratic point. This is where waves meet flat water with some interesting current. Hopefully no rescue that day ;) Got to try looping on 7m but no footage of it d...
Added July 6, 2017 / rating 0 / views 265 / comments 0
Trying kiteloop on short lines (15m)
My buddy showed up with 15m lines FX, I had to give it a shot. Those kiteloop on 15 lines are pretty aggressive, had to change my technique so my legs don't get yanked way back behind me screwing up my stance. Longisland flat water lagoon. kiteloop, unhook, kiteloop on short lines best GP 9m...
Added May 17, 2017 / rating 0 / views 292 / comments 0
no Pain no Gain - kitesurfing backroll megaloop and unhook freestyle
Kiting coast guard station in Eaton's Neck. Had some scary wipe out. Included a bunch in video. Right at beginning I got stuck in wind shadow form cliff... Was good warm up walking to the spot. Got to try FX back to back with my GP, obviously it takes a while to get used to it but my first impre...
Added May 7, 2017 / rating 0 / views 342 / comments 0
Flooded island kitesurfing with Star kite Sirius v2 12m
Session on my new Star kite Sirius 12m. Great south bay was flooded from rain so with high tide it made an interesting layout. Kiteloop pretty well for a 12m kite. jumped some small islands, worked on front roll, played around in the high grass and tried to go to blind for the first time. music...
Added April 7, 2017 / rating 0 / views 314 / comments 0
Kitesurfing Shenanigans in Oak beach New York
Messing around a lot that day: Playing around with unhook scaring hydrofoil away a couple of kiteloop still learning how to relaunch a C kite on best GP 2015 9m a bit underpowered Music credits: Laser Groove Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attributi...
Added April 3, 2017 / rating 0 / views 267 / comments 0