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Shinn Jackson Foil Board - Demo
This is a quick edit of the new Jackson Foil Board from Shinn Kiteboards, we got a quick session on the final prototype boards when Mark Shinn and the UK distributor Mike Birt came to visit yesterday.
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I Play My Kazoo
This video is about one week in mid April with constant winds and plenty of sunshine too. Music : Grand Analog - I play my kazoo
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Smooth - Peter Lynn Swell
This video is about Mrs.Blast ripping on the all round Peter Lynn 7m Swell kite Strapless and Strapped
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Open My Eyes
It's been a very poor winter including the last two months here regards wind and especially with waves too....however the last few days we've had plenty of decent conditions and I managed to get some more clips to put this video together. Hope you enjoy and hit the subscribe button if you do!! We...
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Wales - Brighter Than The Sun
We may not live in S.Africa, Brazil or Oz but it isn't all bad even in the middle of the UK winter! I'm very fortunate to get the chance to travel a ton each year to some real kite surf mecca's but there will always be something special about "home" even in the winter cold!
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Ordinary - Brazil, an Epic Kites Adventure
This video is about an "Ordinary" Kite Trip to Brazil with Epic Kites
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Brazil - Sunset Surf Session
This video is about just one more sunset session with our good friends and guides Yury and Diego from Cumbuco Board Riders, such small crappy surf can be so much fun with a kite! ...until next time!
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Don't Slow Down
This video is about the kitesurfing / mountain biking/ SUPing I've been doing the past few weeks here in Sunny Porthcawl and S.Wales UK
Added October 20, 2016 / rating 0 / views 194 / comments 0
Don't Slow Down
This video is about my last month or so here in Porthcawl and surrounding hills.
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Gotta get up - Move
This video is about my past summer kitesurfing and learning to foilboard, another great summer!
Added September 20, 2016 / rating 0 / views 253 / comments 0
Moses Fluente Carbon Foilboard - Blast Kiteboarding
Quick edit of the Moses Fluente Foil being used the past few days here in S.Wales, pretty challenging conditions to be testing the foil with a decent size wave and onshore winds but overall I'm pleased I tried.
Added September 1, 2016 / rating 0 / views 237 / comments 0
Shinn El Stubbo - Foilboard Tested
This video is about new foilboard from Shinn Kiteboards, more than just a foil board it's also a skim/surfboard too! We've had a good few days of real light winds here the past week, so I've had a few great sessions on the new Shinn El Stubbo, such a smooth easy board to use
Added August 17, 2016 / rating 0 / views 134 / comments 0