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Gin Kiteboarding Swiss Origin
Passion is what has been driving GIN KITEBOARDING since the first day of its creation in 2007: passion for kitesurfing as well as for the different elements that can be found in Switzerland: Water, Snow, Wind, Mountains, … Nature and its incredible beauty! Through this video, we wish to share our...
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Misson Toeside Roll - aka Tootsie Roll - Vlog #4
I always wanted to learn the Toeside Roll aka. TUZI - ROLL but I have always been to much chicken to go for it. To finally push my self I decided to make a Vlog about How I Am Learning That Trick. It was worth it and more fun I've every been expected.
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Amarok Kiteboarding World Cup, Akyaka 2017 - Recap Video
From October 5 to 8, the WKL was in Akyaka, Turkey for the WKL Amarok Kiteboarding World Cup 2017. You can now watch the 26 minute recap video with all the highlights of the event.
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Amarok Kiteboarding World Cup, Akyaka 2017 - Event Clip
Watch some of the best moments of the Amarok Kiteboarding World Cup that we held in Akyaka, Turkey. An amazing location for kiteboarding, and we can't wait to head back there next year.
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Cabrinha Switchblade Vs Cabrinha FX - Kite vs Kite: With Rygo Ep01
Both are performance free ride kites but they are very different kiteboarding kites. The best way to explain it is the switchblade is an automatic transmission the FX is more of a manual. All that means is the Switchblade is going to do more of the work for you while the Fx is going to take so...
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Kitelement - The New Collection
Kitelement introducing the product video of our new collection. Traveling has never been easier. Get your’s and explore the new spots without any limitations! Now available at and with free shipping worldwide!
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Barrels and more... KevVlog #31
I still had some great footage laying around of my trip to Mauritius a couple of weeks ago. So sit back and enjoy this brand new KEVVLOG! Footage shot by: Carsten Naumann at the GKA in Mauritius
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Rhosneigr Park Jam 2017 - Day 5
Rossy Park Jam - Day 5
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Rhosneigr Park Jam 2017 - Day 4
Rossy Park Jam - Day 4
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Rhosneigr Park Jam 2017 - Day 3
Day 3 up here in Sunny North Wales for the last stop on the KPL world series. Lots of action for the mens final heats to leave all to play for going into the women's final tomorrow... Music UNIPPM database - Xtreme Video
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Rhosneigr Park Jam 2017 - Day 2
Although North Wales is cold, the weather has been delivering for us at the last stop of the KPL tour. Rhosneigr Park Jam has had two perfect days amongst the rock islands on the south side of the bay. With the mens & womens preliminary and dingle eliminations complete, the finals will run in the ne...
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Rhosneigr Park Jam 2017 - Day 1
The first day here at the Rhosneigr park Jam in Wales. The last stop on the 2017 Kite Park League world series. A great turn out and great winds for this years event, lead to some great action on the first day. Check out these clips to get the appetite going...
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The Thin Blue Line (A Kite Foiling Film)
Dane Wilson and Evan Heffernan take us into their minds about Foiling, training process, and mindset. Thanks to our coach Craig Wilson and Camet kiteboarding. Edited by: Quinn Wilson Music: Swell Music Sound.
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Expectation vs Reality Kitesurfing
We all have that big expectation on our selfs we think we are doing things perfect but actually in the reality it's another view!
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This is summer - Hugo Guias
Because it's always summer for kitesurf somewhere in the world... Enjoy the new Hugo Guias Kitesurf video !!!
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Summer in Re island
When Hugo Guias Kitesurf and Romain Marie make a kitesurf video like this !!! Summer in Ré island
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Tropical Storm Warning & GoPro Kitesurf Session - Island Life Episode 3
ISLAND LIFE - NEW EPISODE WEEKLY Union Island is not really on the Hurricane path but we still gotta watch out for any potential storms heading our way. This season has seen a lot of horrible hurricanes hitting the Northern Caribbean Islands but we have been very lucky here on Union Island as th...
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All Ways How To Start & Stop in Kiteboarding (Tricktip with Alby Rondina)
In this video we would like to give you idea about all the possible ways how you can start and finish your ride on kitesurf. Alby Rondina will demonstrate them for you at his school ProKite Alby Rondina in Sicily. Spot: ProKite Alby Rondina, SICILY Rider: Alby Rondina ...
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Whiskey Hood
Short Hood River clip with FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Matias Lee. Riding park is a way of life, including fails and exploring new tricks, Mati is slowly finding his way into the PARK. Camera: Ramiro Gallart & Jose Fazio Edit: Matias Lee. Music: Gleewood "Whiskey Sue" For more information ch...
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Stylish Front Roll in 5 Sessions - Ride with Blake: Vlog 34
Stylish Front Roll in 5 Sessions - Ride with Blake: Vlog 34
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Kyrgyzstan Kiteboarding
Kyrgyzstan's recorded history spans over 2,000 years, encompassing a variety of cultures and empires. Although geographically isolated by its highly mountainous terrain, which has helped preserve its ancient culture, Kyrgyzstan has been at the crossroads of several great civilizations as part of the...
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Trailer - May the Wind be with You
Exploring Norway's peaks with a FLYSURFER Kiteboarding snowkite together with your friends is probably one of the most exciting things in life you could do! Check out this trailer & stay tuned for the full "May the Wind be with You" film coming end of October 2017. For more information check out:...
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Caught in a 50 knot storm! KevVlog #30
Wow what a day here at home. I knew there was going to be a lot of wind today. After a couple jumps and kite loops a big rain cloud came by and toke with it like 50 knots and tons of rain. I had to stop and lay in the water to wait till the cloud was gone. It was pretty crazy. Luckily nothing crazy ...
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2017 Texel Brunotti Kiteboarding World Cup - Recap video
From September 18 to 24, the WKL was in the Netherlands for the 2017 Texel Brunotti Kiteboarding World Cup. You can now watch the 26 minute recap video with all the highlights of the event.
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A Crash With A Happy End - Xr5Challenge - Vlog #3
The addiction of BOOSTING caught me straight after my first big air session. But this time was pain in the A...
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