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Steven Akkersdijk: #Incontrol
Tarifa was on fire! Never seen winds like this before in my entire life. CORE Kiteboarding Mystic Song: Oh My (Club Mix) - Partysquad ft. Boaz Filming: Lars Stenveld / Cor Akkersdijk Edit: Steven Akkersdijk
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Merci Bonsoir Ep 1
Merci Bonsoir Ep 1
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Snowkite: RC2000 overview by Christian Labbe
Yes, this is the world’s best race snowkite board! And the winner of the ISPO 2014 Award. It is the ultimate racing machine designed and developed solely to conquer this unique discipline. Tested in the wildest areas of Utah (USA), Siberia (Russia) and Norway. Designed for riders who are not afraid ...
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Snowkite: NHP overview by Artem Garashchenko
The NHP Snowkite is a board completely dedicated to be used in the snow with a kite. It’s not just a regular snowboard with a kiteboarding brand logo. When designing the Snowkite we used all our experience and passion to develop the best performing board on the market, whether for snow or ice. You’r...
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Learn A Hooked Frontroll To Blind In 5 Steps
In todays episode I am explaining a hooked frontroll to blind in 5 steps. Basics are classic frontrolls and riding blind. Have fun and let me know how it goes...
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ProKite Alby Rondina - 2017
Enjoy the highlights from last season with ProKite Alby Rondina. Our kite center located at lagoon Lo Stagnone in north-west of Sicily quickly became very famous as European paradise for all kiters and heaven for freestylers, thanks to all year constant winds and huge flat & shallow water. We had...
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Escape V6 Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Open C Wakestyle Freestyle
This is the Escape! The Escape is built for ambitious riders who want to amp up their ride. Its C-shaped design gives it the ideal freestyle and wakestyle performance profile. Specific traits of multiple design shapes were combined to make the V6 Escape into the hard poppin’, big boostin’ frees...
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Review: 2017 Cabrinha Contra Vs North Juice
The last few years, light wind kites have seen some very real improvement. Gone are the days where companies simply take their 12 meter kites and blow them up to slow, clunky 17m or 18m kites. All modern light wind kites are designed specifically for the demands of light wind and fly surprisingly...
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2017 Cabrinha Switchblade vs North Rebel
What kite is right for me? It's a question we hear on a daily basis. Often riders are debating between a couple different brands and models. You really have to take an objective look at the kite and decide if the features will benefit you and your riding. We decided it was time to lay i...
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Ride With Blake: Episode 8 - How to Jump while Kiteboarding
So you've mastered getting up on the board and you can ride up wind. It's time to started getting air!
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Ride with Blake: Episode 7 - How to Ride Upwind Kiteboarding
We had a request from Clemens who learned how to Water start last week. This one is for you, my friend! -Blake
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Ride with Blake: Episode 6 - How to Back Roll Hand Drag Kiteboarding Transition
The last week in Key West has been epic. Exploring the islands with my kite, paddle boarding the mangroves and snorkeling the reef. The abundance of wildlife in the ocean never ceases to amaze me! For this week's blog, I thought I would share five steps to nailing your first back roll hand drag tran...
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Ride with Blake: Episode 5 - How to Do an Inverted Front Roll Kiteboarding
The last few days in key West haven’t been that windy. In truth, it’s a much-needed break! I thought I would take a bike ride down to the White Street Pier and break down my favorite trick for you. The inverted front roll! Normally I try and break things down into five steps. This one is a littl...
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Ride with Blake: Episode 4 - How to Pop to Blind on a Kiteboard
Living in Key West Florida has it’s perks. You know, perks like kiteboarding off a friends boat in shallow blue water. In Episode four Blake gives you five simple tips for learning how to pop to blind. Believe it or not, riding blind is a simple progression you can learn once you are adept at riding...
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Ride with Blake: Episode 3 - How to Waterstart on a Kiteboard
So, you've taken a kiteboarding lesson or two and you're ready to try your first water start. That's awesome! Welcome to a new reality, my friend! I have five great tips for you to remember when you're first starting out. Tip One Learn to fly the kite in one hand. Kiteboarding is 80% flying the...
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Ride with Blake: Episode 2 - How to Live on a Sailboat
Quit your job and move onto a sailboat somewhere tropical. We all think about it from time to time. The truth is that this lifestyle does come with its own unique set of challenges. Yet somehow living like this puts what's really important into perspective. Namely, new experiences, good friends and ...
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Ride With Blake: Episode 1 - How to foil board
Learn the basics of foiling for the first time with Blake Olsen in his first Vlog.
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Meet the six-time kiteboarding champion in Asia
Kiteboarding is the most loved water sport in Hua-Hin where many champions from all over the world travel to.
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Kiteboarding: 5 Tips & Tricks For Riding Unhooked
Here I run through everything a kiteboarder needs to know if he or she wants to start riding unhooked and doing basic unhooked tricks!
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2017 French Boardercross Nationals - Wrap Up
Although not invented here, a lot of development has been done for the discipline in St. Pierre. Enjoy some visuals from the French version of the Youth Olympic Games format.
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Moose IKA TTR Asian Championship 2017 Thailand
Moose IKA TTR Asian Championships was a monster of a week with 8 days of competition ranging from the KAT Thai Nationals through to the first try out of the new Youth Olympic race format and of course all the 'cut & trust' that is the KTA Freestyle X. So sit back and enjoy our summary round-up of t...
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Juice 2017 - Quick Info
Already launched in 2014 the Juice got more kiters out in less wind than any tube kite before. A freeride machine aimed at the rider who never wants to go to the beach and be disappointed. The Juice gets you going in the slightest breeze.
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The Official North Kiteboarding Brand Clip
TRUE KITEBOARDING As a brand we´ve always stayed true to our foundations; true to the sport. We are driven by the vision of our designers, the skill and ambition of our team riders, and all those who appreciate the premium quality, performance and diversity of our products.
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Nick Jacobsen jumps of Burj Al Arab’s iconic helipad
Nick Jacobsen, kiteboarding and kitesurfing champion, shows the true meaning of adventure with a record-breaking and world-first feat from the Burj Al Arab’s iconic helipad.
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Diesel - Only The Brave High (Nick Jacobsen Jump)
Nick Jacobsen jumped of a building again!
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