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Brazil Kiteboarding - Ilha do Guajiru
Ilha do Guajiru is a 3 hour drive north of Cumbuco. We paid 350 Real ($90) for a private Taxi in the morning. After arrival the spot delivered wind and it was super crowded with lots of people kiting on front of their hotels. On a second day we were able t
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My Maui, ivykiteboarding
Kanaha Beach 7m kite everyday!
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Hood River, Oregon Kiteboarding Trip
Hood River is a great place to kite in the summer. It's windy almost every day due to the temperature difference with mountains around. The wind follow Columbia River George and there are several good places to kite. Wetsuit is required since the water is coming from the mountains and it is cold....
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Caye Caulker, Belize Kiteboarding Day
Kiting in the middle of the village in Caye Caulker island in Belize. It is a nice place for kiting with a clean beautiful ocean. The spot is not too friendly for beginners due to the large number of piers and boats. Shallow water a little helps, you can walk pretty far out, no shoes needed. Happ...
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Cabarete, Dominican Republic 2016 - Laboca Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding
Kiting in La Boca near Cabarete, Dominican Republic. A little crowded in the small place, but a lot of fun kiting in the river in flat water. The best part was kiting downwind back to Cabarate. We used Takoon kites 9 and 11m. September 2016. Andrey and Ivy.
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Takoon in New York
Video was filmed in April 2016 in North Caroline and in the summer of 2016 in New York City. “Takoon video contest”.
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Spring 2016 kiting in OBX
North Carolina OBX. 5 days of great kiteboarding out of 6 that we stayed. April 2-8/2016.
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