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Kitesurfing at Utopia Island (Tobia Island) in Egypt, Soma Bay
Cruising on a surfboard with kite by the Island Utopia (Tobia) in Egypt, Soma Bay. Kiteboarding center: Abu Soma Riders at Amwaj Blue Beach Resort & Spa. Filmed & edited by: https://www.instagram.com/roma.kitesurfing Website: http://kitesurfing-egypt.com
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Kiteboarding center in Egypt (Soma Bay): Abu Soma Riders, Amwaj Blue Beach Resort & Spa
Looking for a kite hotel in Egypt? Welcome to Amwaj Blue Beach Resort & Spa. Abu Soma Riders kiteboarding center is located directly at the beach of the hotel. Shot by dji phantom 3 professional (Pilot: Ottó Pálya) Edited by https://www.instagram.com/roma.kitesurfing/ More info: http://kitesurfin...
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Kite spot in Egypt: Abu Soma Riders, Soma Bay
Looking for the best kitesurfing spots in Egypt? Join Abu Soma Riders Kiteboarding center in Soma Bay. Shot by drone Dji Phantom 3 Professional. Website of the kite station: kitesurfing-egypt.com
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