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Kitesurf South of France | Pont des Basses KiteSpot Review
Thinking about going to South of France to kite? In this video we look at a popular kitesurf spot and explain what you can expect in terms of kite, but also for fun. Next videos will look at other kitespots and sailing adventures in Croatia!
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Kitespot review / 9 key aspects about Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil
We enjoyed riding in this flat and enormous lagoon. There are some disadvantages though. So we made this videos to help other kiters decide if they should spend their well earned holidays here.
Added July 4, 2018 / rating 0 / views 420 / comments 0
Going to Tatajuba | Explore Brazil | Kitesurf
Looking to kite in Brazil? Tatajuba is a must-see/must-kite destination. And getting there is a really exciting adventure in itself; see for yourself. Next video will review paradise Ilha Do Guajiru kite spot so be sure to subscribe.
Added June 7, 2018 / rating 0 / views 277 / comments 0
Brazil kite trip - The Path to Jeri
Jeri is well know for watersports, but it is in the middle of a desert and quite hard to reach. With little info available online, we made a video to share our experience of getting to Jeri by car. Next up is Tatajuba!
Added May 23, 2018 / rating 0 / views 276 / comments 0
Happiness is in the Wind - Ouddorp Netherlands - A Kitesurf Vlog
I always love kiteboarding in the Netherlands. First time in Ouddorp and ... well we all had fun as usual. Next we will share with you our kite experience in Brazil and tips about great kite spots (Jericoacoara, Cumbuco,Tatajuba..) so be sure to subscribe!
Added May 22, 2018 / rating 0 / views 230 / comments 0
First of the season [2018] - A Kitesurf movie
Our riders enjoy kite surfing on the first sunny days of 2018 at Grevelingendam, Netherlands. The wind is light but the spirit is there! What a road trip! --- Filmed on Panasonic GH5s and edited and graded with Davinci Resolve
Added May 19, 2018 / rating 0 / views 306 / comments 0
Kite and Tequila in Brouwersdam [2018] - A Kitesurf roadtrip
The cold couldn't stop us from having fun in Brouwersdam. The Vegas 11 was a bit underpowered so the less experienced kitesurfers comically struggled. Also, you can see some nice freestyle tricks from the veteran as well as a nice barbecue after party.
Added May 19, 2018 / rating 0 / views 236 / comments 0