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Flysurfer Soul 8m test, from launch to landing and everything between.
I test the new Flysurfer Soul 8m. Wind was 14-16kts with a 134x41 board and 185lb rider. I show turning speed, jumps, and even kiteloops.
Added July 11, 2018 / rating 0 / views 358 / comments 0
How to Install a Stopper Ball/Replace your Depower line on FS Infinity 3.0 CC bar
In this video, I show how to install a stopper ball on a Flysurfer Infinity 3.0 Clam Cleat bar. These instructions can also be use to replace your depower line and to adjust your bar throw length.
Added June 8, 2018 / rating 0 / views 220 / comments 0
Flysurfer Soul vs Sonic2, a comparison and review
I lay the Soul 15m out against the Sonic2 11m and explain the differences and my rider impressions.
Added June 1, 2018 / rating 0 / views 583 / comments 0
Launching a Soul 15m with timer
Timing how long it takes to launch a non-preinflated Soul 15m.
Added May 30, 2018 / rating 0 / views 463 / comments 0