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Another awesome winter kiteboarding session in Uruguay (8.7.2018)
A beautiful winters afternoon of kiting at Solis Chico in Uruguay. Flat water, steady 20 knot winds and good company for some fun out in the agua!
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Big Air session at Playa Mansa with the Ikuma Kiteboarding crew!
It was cold, wet and windy but the bravest of souls from the Ikuma kite group in Uruguay headed to Playa Mansa in Punte del Este. There we enjoyed winds of up to 30 knots, some fun waves to jump off of and some big air with two of us recording jumps of 10M
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DonĀ“t try this at home kids. When Kiteboarding in Uruguay experienced a death loop!
We experienced the last gasps of a Uruguayan summertime in early May. At Solis Chico, the wind was light, the sun was warm and the water was flat and welcoming. Jose Pedro and I enjoyed a couple of hours of nice kiting before I endured 60 seconds of terr
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Kite Boarding in Uruguay - Back to back kite days!
Two days out on the water in Uruguay, finally! The wind picked up and was pumping at times. Facundo, (from Ikuma) and I headed over to our local flat water spot for a little fun in the wind and rain. The best bit about the time on the water for me was nail
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Kite Boarding in Uruguay at Laguna Garzon 19.03.18
What a beautiful day for kiteboarding. The conditions were great, with good, strong wind and lots of space to practice. Andres and I were jumping big while Pancho was learning how to jump!
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Kiteboarding at Ciudad de la Costa in Uruguay
Enjoyed an awesome afternoon kite boarding with my friend Fede in Ciudad de la Costa just outside of Montevideo. The song in the video is "Running to the Sea" by the fabulous Royksopp. You can find it here: If you enjoy the video then please leave a l...
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Sunset drone footage of kiteboarding at Malvin Beach in Montevideo, Uruguay.
We went to the beach before sunset this week for a quick kite session. Alejandro Besio came along and filmed us with a DJI Mavic Pro Drone as we took to the water. Kiters: Andres Amegeiras Facundo Artagaveytia And me, Nick Grant
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An Introduction to Kiteboarding in Uruguay - Welcome, Bienvenido y Bem Vinda.
Welcome to my channel. This is Kiteboarding in Uruguay which is, apparently, the 45th most popular kiteboarding related channel on YouTube. Come here to see a wide range of clips of myself and my friends kite boarding here in our little corner of the globe. Please subscribe, leave likes and co...
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Kite Boarding session at Laguna Garzon in Uruguay 15.04.18
Another awesome afternoon of kite boarding out at the beautiful Laguna Garzon here in Uruguay. The wind was pretty light but we were able to do some jumps, throw a few tricks and enjoy the Autumnal sunshine. The music in this is not mine and I make no claim to it. I simply downloaded it from ...
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