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Downwinder In Corpus Christi
Yesterday afternoon 24 of us decided to do a 16 mile downwinder. It resulted in 36 miles of actual riding, and some of the most fun I have had kiteboarding in years having to dodge a few snakes.
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Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding July-August 2017 sliders and loops
Kiteboarding in the Pamlico Sound on the Outer Banks of North Carolina
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Big Megaloop Crash Into Land
I went for a kiteloop over a smaller land gap that I was unfamiliar with, and this was the result. I would say that I got a bit lucky on this one!
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Massive Land Gaps Kiteboarding 9m Pivot
In honor of Kevin winning the 2018 RBKA on a 9m pivot, I made a 44 second video of me doing some land gaps on the same kite. I think that everyone started kiteboarding to get that flying sensation, so I go back to the basics with some straight airs.
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