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A Journey of a Thousand Miles
‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles’ follows Tom Hebert, Lewis Crathern, Reno Romeu and the Rebel on a road trip of a lifetime in New Zealand. Spending 24/7 together and staying in a motorhome, they work as a team and share experiences. The freedom to move give
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KiteFest Argentina 2018
Fly baby fly. Check out the full story of what went down during the KiteFest Argentina. Jesse Richman, Tom Hebert and myself were invited to put on a great kiteboarding show at this epic event. Lots of happy people and great conditions made this a trip to
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Pure Cocos
Follow adventure seekers Tom Hebert and Reno Romeu to the end of the earth as they discover Cocos Island. Navigating the raw, pure island bursting with life, they take to the deserted windy waters on the new Evo for some expression sessions that will be remembered for a lifetime. Special thanks: ...
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Tom´s Kitchen Episode 6
Join Tom Hebert hunting a cyclone and experience the special New Cal Style lifestyle!
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Rebel 2018 Product Clip
If ever there was a kite that needs no introduc-tion it is the Rebel, one of the most popular kites of all time; it is the choice of ambitious freeriders and kiters who like to boost huge airs. It’s perfect for experienced riders and experts alike, offering excellent performance for hooked in cruisi...
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Kitesurfing Caribbean Paradise
The Caribbean has some incredible places to explore, thousands of islands graced with trade winds in the right season. Whilst filming the #freerideproject 3 movie, we went on a catamaran trip with Caribbean Kite Cruise ( to check out what the Grenadines had to offer. ...
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Preparing for the Extreme - King of the Air
So last season was a big year for the King of the Air, some big jumps and even bigger crashes. As this event continues to push the limits of the riders involved it pretty interesting to hear what they have to say on what it takes to pull these tricks. Here I catch up with To Hebert, Aaron Hadlow an...
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North Kiteboarding presents Tom's Kitchen V
Tom Herbert is back in true New Cal Style! The 5th episode of Tom's Kitchen is packed with a huge variety of freestyle tricks, bags of character and epic action. Filmed in the kiteboarding utopia of New Caledonia, watch as Tom showcases his true passion for the sport through creative riding.
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Untouchable in Patagonia
Join the North Kiteboarding Team on their incredible journey to the beautiful und untouched landscapes of Patagonia. Exploring the wild nature, struggling with extreme conditions and ultimately riding in front of the famous Perito Moreno Glacier this trip is one of the most unique and unforgettable ...
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Adventure Awaits - North Team
Watch as the team starts their journey on the popular Mauritius, afterwards taking a trip to the blissfully isolated island of Rodrigues. With 20knts of wind all day everyday, the riders were stoked to shred.
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Red Bull King of the Air 2016: Aaron, Jesse, Kevin, ...
Good conditions for Big Air and Megaloops, two mega crashes and a storm of protests at the award ceremony / The invited riders: Aaron Hadlow, Jesse Richman, Kevin Langeree, Reno Romeu, Lasse Walker, Andries Fourie, Lewis Crathern, Marc Jacobs, Tom Hebert, Jerrie van de Kop, Gijs Wassenaar, Willem va...
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Tom´s Kitchen Episode IV
Of course - New Cal style, this time with talking fish, croissants as a bite, using natural obstacles and testing a couple of new recipes like: As main course an incredible variation of Tic Tac Flip board passes and for dessert some beach slides! How does he do it!?
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February - Court In The Act 2015 Ep.2 - King of the Air
After starting this series in January, leaving the UK to head to Cape Town it has been hectic season! This time around in February, I start on the road after long road trips up and down the coast to score the elusive wind that was very inconsistent this season. I head back to Cape Town to catch the ...
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Tom´s Kitchen III
Even higher, more spins, more variations of barefoot tricks. What´s your maximum of rotations!?
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Yes We Love Kiteboarding
A kitesurfing compilation of oldscool, newscool, freestyle, wakestyle, wave riding, slides and megaloops. Special thanks to: Airstyle - Why this DVD AIRSTYLE.TV - SLIDES Action Trailer - Toby Braeuer Andre Phillip kiteboarding Session From drone Best Kiteboarding Ride with Us 2012 Can't St...
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Evo 2015 Product Clip
One of the best all round freeride kites on the market. Tom Hebert used the evo at the Red Bull king of the air and boosted the biggest jump of the entire competition! The evo has a huge wind range, no matter which size you fly, the low end is exceptionally good and the 5-strut design keeps the kite...
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Tom's Kitchen Episode II
Wanna know what´s on the menu today!? Watch the 2nd episode of Tom´s kitchen and get inspired for your next tricks!!
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King of the Air 2014: Kevin, Ruben, Steven, Aaron, ...
Red Bull King of the Air, Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, February 2014. / Competitors: Kevin Langeree, Ruben Lenten, Steven Akkersdijk, Andries Fourie, Aaron Hadlow, Jesse Richman, Tom Hebert, Billy Parker, Nick Jacobsen, Gianni Aragno, Reno Romeu, Jerrie van de Kop, Sam Light, Shawn Richman, Lew...
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Catching Trade Winds
Crystal clear water, white sand and endless beaches with astonishing kite spots. That's the Caribbean if you discover it with the North Kiteboarding Catamaran! Jump on board and join this kite adventure hopping from island to island!
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Roll the Dice - The Episode
What happens when two of the best freestyle riders and two of the best wave riders of the world meet in Mauritius to try a completely new kite concept, the Dice? Watch it yourself as a friendly competition ensues between the riders, who will fly it first, who will perform the best! Follow Tom Court,...
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Paradise Revealed - New Caledonia
The North Kiteboarding Team went down to beautiful New Caledonia in late August this year. Tom Hebert, Angela Peral and Airton Cozzolino where accompanied by the brand new Evo´s and took fully advantage of the breathtaking kite spots they found! Have an inside look in one of the most amazing trips w...
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North: New Caledonia Episode Teaser
Coming on the 1st of November, the New Caledonia Episode with Angela Peral, Tom Hebert and Airton Cozzolino. Don't miss it!!!
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North: The Sri Lanka Episode
Already in spring 2012, the North Kiteboarding Freestyle-Team headed to the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka, located south-east of India for the annual Vegas Shoot! Along with Tom Hebert, Thomas Paris, Mario Rodwald and Tom Court came the brand new Vegas, the all new Trust Bar and of course the Twinti...
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The Cocos Episode By Tom Hebert
The Cocos Episode by Tom HEBERT is a great video from his trip to Cocos "Keeling" Island. This Island is situated in the middle of the indian ocean. I don't need to tell you more just look at it! Please watch in HD and full screen. Muzik by: Cocoa Tea "Herb fibun" , Cornerstone Roots "inst". Sh...
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Tom Hebert Profile - 5th Overall PKRA 2011 - Kiteboarding World Tour
Profile of french rider Tom Hebert, ranked fifth overall on the PKRA 2011
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