The Line - James Boulding
March 29, 2018
The Down Under-Achievers
October 22, 2014
ProKite Alby Rondina - 2017
April 22, 2017
James Boulding in Sicily
July 26, 2016

James Boulding

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'The Line' Episode 3 - James Boulding
Welcome to the Line. Join the Cabrinha team in Brazil where perfect wind and flat water offer up the setting for the best kite park conditions on the planet. We follow three of Cabrinha's finest park riders on their quest to ride the perfect LINE. Want to know what the ultimate LINE is? Find o...
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The Line - James Boulding
The Line - James Boulding
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Cabrinha Trailer: Cape Town Confidential
Online June 1st 2017 Starring: Nick Jacobsen, James Boulding, Keahi de Aboitiz, Liam Whaley and Graham Howes A film by Anders Krüger Produced by Cabrinha Kites
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ProKite Alby Rondina - 2017
Enjoy the highlights from last season with ProKite Alby Rondina. Our kite center located at lagoon Lo Stagnone in north-west of Sicily quickly became very famous as European paradise for all kiters and heaven for freestylers, thanks to all year constant winds and huge flat & shallow water. We had...
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ProKite Alby Rondina: 2016 Teaser
A short teaser of the kite action going down in Sicily's new kite heaven ProKite Alby Rondina! Spot offers perfect flat water conditions for both beginners & advanced kiters. accomodation right next to the beach and exciting Sicilian lifestyle. Riders: Alberto Rondina, James Boulding, Liam Whaley...
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James Boulding in Sicily
After opening his new kite station in Sicily, Alberto Rondina invited his friend and team mate James Boulding to enjoy his new setup and progress in riding sliders. To see how the spot looks like, how the construction process happened and finally what action James and Alby showed, watch & enjoy the ...
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2017 Teaser (Cabrinha Kitesurfing)
We are pleased to announce the new 2017 collection from Cabrinha. Bringing you innovations that matter. Available in stores August 2016. To find a dealer or learn more about Cabrinha visit us at http://www.cabrinhakites.com EDIT: @showmeyourmouth MUSIC: 'Freedom' by Wangel AERIALS: Phil So...
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Disguise The Limit (Cabrinha Kiteboarding 2016)
Wrapped around the idea that limits are nothing more than lines drawn in the sand, begging to be erased, Cabrinha films brings you the best kiting footage from Maui to Morocco and the shores of Tarifa featuring the new 2016 gear. Settle in and get comfortable for this epic ride as the Cabrinha team ...
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Game of English Thrones - James Boulding
Take a journey to England, home turf of the English language and James Boulding who shows Alberto Rondina and Anders Krüger where his kiteboarding adventures began. From tiny villages with stone-floored country pubs, to castles and cathedrals, the aura of deep-rooted history emanates from every cor...
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The Road Down Under (Cabrinha Kiteboarding)
An FX journey starring James Boulding, Liam Whaley, Alec Sheather, Luke Smith and Dan Sweeny in our latest adventure on a coast to coast trip in Australia. With their new FX kites they travel from beach to beach spreading joy to all who dare to try this new kite. From mega kitelooping to extreme f...
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The Island
What are our perceptions of paradise? Is it a place we will never experience due to the fear it only exists in our thoughts and dreams? Travelling the world to kiteboard you visit many beautiful destinations. A small island situated in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras just might be kiteb...
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Cabrinha 2015 Teaser
Providing progressive kiteboading solutions for all areas of our unique sport is the driving force behind our 2015 program. Here is a little taste of what's to come in 2015. Filmed and produced in the Hawaiian Islands, the birth place of Cabrinha kites. FILMING & EDITING: Anders Krüger ADDITIONA...
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In Search of the Sweet Spot
Synonymous worldwide with banking, tax havens and beach holidays, there's more to the tiny, proud Cayman Islands. It's the picture perfect kite destination. James Boulding, Damien LeRoy, Brandon Bowe and Kellen Hall, hook up with The Sweet Spot Cayman kite center and get busy building obstacles an...
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The Golden Glow - James Boulding
What makes you itch? What is it you desire? Take a journey with James Boulding and see his motivation to follow a passion and lifestyle. WORDS: Alan Watts MUSIC LICENSE: Audionetwork.com EDIT: James Boulding FOOTAGE: Anders Krüger, James Boulding, Jamie Barrow RIDER: James Boulding GEAR: Cha...
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The Road North (Kiteboarding New Zealand)
With over 15,000 km of coastline to explore, New Zealand is the road tripping kite boarders dream. Our team riders James Boulding, Jamie Barrow and Keahi De Aboitiz teamed up with Anders Krüger and Dan Max to document this voyage of discovery through the North Island of Aotearoa, known locally as th...
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Maui Movement
James Boulding and Sam Medysky kiteboarding in Maui, March 2013.
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The New Age
Steez is back with an edit close to our heart, featuring Liquid Force's global riders: Christophe Tack : James Boulding : Brandon Scheid Style is individual but we believe the importance of it is fundamental in pushing the sport in the right direction. It's our goal to make things easy on the...
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Official 2013 Liquid Force Kiteboarding Promo Video
2013 Liquid Force Kiteboarding, The Fun Continues...
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Tappin' n Rollin' - James Boulding
This July saw the yearly SSS roll into town in Cape Hatteras. Steez teamed up with Nate Appel from Cineaptic to bring you some of the bonks, jibs, rolls and hits that went down. Check out and like STEEZ productions to stay up to date with all things STEEZY around the globe. www.facebook.com/ste...
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The Free Ride Project feat: UKcrew
The "FreeRide' Project is an idea that we had at the start of 2011. Four riders, from different brands, we started traveling together and filming how we wanted our sport to look and be represented...this is a no-mess, un-brand motivated representation of what we want kiteboarding to be and what it m...
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Tea is all you Need - James Boulding
A look at 2011 with fresh footage covering my trips to the US, Egypt, Philippines, Oz and Switzerland. A brief glimpse of what motivates me and the journey the sports taken me on. Cut by Steez Productions Extra Footage: Sam Light, Tom Court, Aaron Hadlow, Josh Pietras Main Sponsors: Liquid Force...
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Wind Or No Wind 2011 Teaser
A brief look at what's to come from the action during the 2011 Wind or no Wind event at CWC in the philippines. The event brings together the top kiteboarders on the planet in this area of kiteboarding to help them improve riding rails, kickers ad features. Shot & cut by James Boulding facebook.co...
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Superkite Brasil 2011
The Superkite Brasil 2011 was the first event of it's kind, held in Cumbuco, brasil featuring some of the top names in kitesurfing. Riders competed in a new style freestyle format, surfjam and race. Shot & cut by James Boulding
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LF Taiba Trick Attack - James Boulding
Shot in Brasil this little vid is possibly the quickest filmed and edited segment i've shot recently. Having only a few hours riding with Brandon, Craig and Myself we bashed out the tricks on our minds at the time and got it done... Get ready for 1 and a half minutes of packed tricks, and then wat...
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The Down Under-Achievers
During the UK winter of 2011, Tom Court, Sam Light and James Boulding, some of the best British Kite boarders, decided to put on a trip the Australia that would jump start the year and get some of the best kiting conditions in the world. This is a video about their trip, what they got up to as we...
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