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Noir / Blanc
Featuring Stefan Spiessberger, filmed and edited by Dan Scott. „During times like these, where social media keeps us busy, photos and videos just roll by like a page of a book that you are not interested in reading, it doesn't come easy to create something different. Something unique. Something t...
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Stefan's year.
He has put a lot of thought into it, but he doesn't think being an adult is going to work for him. This is an overview of Stefan's year. He became fifth in the world ranking. He is grateful to be part of "The Bubble" [by Noe Font]. And he has been kiting on the deepest lake of the world in Siber...
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Team Series 2017 Product Clip
The Team Series is a competition Freestyle board with optimised, high performance design features for zero compromise. Although compatible with both the North Boot and the NTT, the main focus of the Teams Series is on boots. Its explosive pop comes from the robust Premium Performance Construction, w...
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Rough - North Kiteboarding
You've probably never heard of the Magdalen Islands, or even know where they. Take a look at a map and scroll as far east as you can go in Canada... you’ll find this archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. A small chain of islands offering an abundant range of landscapes and your choice of condi...
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Pieces of New York
Currently ranked 7th in the world, professional kitesurfer Stefan Spiessberger is accustomed to traveling the globe from one gorgeous beach to another. But what happens when this small-town boy from Austria decides to go exploring the concrete jungle of New York City? He does it his way, of course! ...
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Without A Jersey - Western Australia / Stefan Spiessberger
Spiessberger in Western Australia, fourth part of the "Without a Jersey" series.
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Welcome To The Other Side
This film materializes why we do this. Why we travel. Why we kite. And why we live. We demonstrated why being a kiter today is the greatest thing ever. We wanted to prove all the things we had heard about Australia. So we went there. We’d go on adventures
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2016 Leucate Grand Slam Freestyle Highlights
2016 Leucate Grand Slam Freestyle Highlights
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Without A Jersey - Cape Town / Stefan Spiessberger
Spiessberger in Cape Town, third part of the "Without a Jersey" series.
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Without A Jersey - Barra Nova / Stefan Spiessberger
Spiessberger riding the flat and empty Barra Nova river mouth, second part of the "Without a Jersey" series.
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The Most Gangsta Kite Movie
No time for jokes in this video with full-on gangsta kite action of brave homiez in UruauBrasil. Flat water and perfect steady winds here allows our guys to show their full potential! Riders: Alex Maes, Stefan Spiessberger, Oswald Smith, Laci Kobulsky, Val Garat, Victor Hays, Paul Serin, Marc Toth, ...
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Hannes Reichelt und Stefan Spiessberger North Kiteboarding Neusiedlersee
Hannes Reichelt und Stefan Spiessberger North Kiteboarding Neusiedlersee
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Without A Jersey - Stefan Spiessberger
Spiessberger riding the flat and empty Isla Coche without a jersey.
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Stefan Spiessberger Brazil MashUp
Shot in Brazil/Barra Nova 2014. Camera: Mads Wollesen, Mike Mayer, Alwin Egger Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, Energie AG, PicoPix, ION, Ronix Wake Austria, Inkospor
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Home - Stefan Spiessberger
Stefan Spiessberger is travelling all year long. Countless tourstops on the PKRA tour, photoshoots and training trips, he almost never sleeps in his own bed. But where is his HOME? Be surprised that this little village in Upper Austria has more to offer than snowy mountains, woods and folk music. Th...
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As Always- Spiessberger & Rodwald
Cape Town. Year after year this city at the southern tip of Africa has been the winter training grounds of Stefan Spiessberger and Mario Rodwald. If you have been therenyou know that just a few hours after you got a stamp in your passport, you are in the Cape Town mode. The rush of the city with ...
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The US Episode
The Northkiteboarding freestyle team had two requirements for this trip to the US... flat water and rails! They got what they wanted and then greased up Cape Hatteras and Texas. And by the way, heard about the legendary aircraft carrier USS Lexington!? Be surprised, don't want to miss this one!
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Stefan Spiessberger, PKRA world tour rider from Austria, riding here during PKRA's summer break in Barra Nova [Brazil] and showing that kiteboarding is not only about competition, but also about having a good time on the water and pushing the sport. More about Stefan at
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Brazil Leftover
Some GoPro footage shot at Barra Nova Brazil. Special thanks to: Kitepousada Escape Brazil Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, Energie AG, GoPro, ION, Auto Wiener, KIA
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Stefan Spiessberger in Tarifa
Austrian dynamite Stefan Spiessberger stylin it out in Tarifa and shaping up for the upcoming PKRA events. Song: Flume - Sleepless Camera: Niklas Imaz de Zavella & Mads Wollesen. Shot on a GoPro 3 Black Edition Edit: Limitless Media Productions
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7 Trix - Stefan Spiessberger
Whats your definition of flat water? Check this out... Cam: Ella Sponsors: North Kiteboarding, Energie AG, ION, GoPro, Auto Wiener, KIA
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Ride - Stefan Spiessberger
"Kiteboarding changed my life - from riding my bike to my homespot in Austria every single day to traveling around the world and enjoying the most beautiful spots for Kiteboarding all year long. When I did my first turns on a Kiteboard, I knew that this was something special - freedom, nature and a...
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Capetown 2012 - Stefan Spiessberger
Summing up 3 months of winter training in Capetown/South Africa in the beginning of 2012. Probably the best place to spend the european winter! Camera: Limitless Media Productions Visit me on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news! -
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Breaking the Rules - a Session in Langebaan/SA
Watch the two Austrian PKRA riders Michael Schitzhofer and Stefan Spiessberger in a training session at Langebaan/South Africa. Shot with GoPro HD Hero 2 Music: Monkey Safari - Boogeyman Camera: Christophe Tack give us a like on facebook: www.facebook....
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Mashup 2011 - Mads Wollesen & Nils Wesch
Riders Mario Rodwald, Stefan Spiessberger, Mike Schitzhofer, Mads Wollesen and Nils Wesch Edit Mads Wollesen & Nils Wesch Music We´re feeling - Danil88
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