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It's been windy KevLog #212
The start of the season here at home wasn't that great but now the wind seems to be back. I had a other great session in Noordwijk together with Gijs Wassenaar. Hope you also enjoyed the wind as well.
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Is Beau ready for a 130km downwinder? KevLog #211
Is Beau ready for a 130km downwinder? KevLog #211
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Location NK Bodydraggen
The SPOT in Zandvoort, The Netherlands will be the location for NK Bodydragging 2018. Make sure to keep a close eye on my social media channels and the ones from NK Bodydragging to stay updated. Please note that 48 hours before the event we will give a gre
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Kevin Langeree on Kitesurfing into the future with Red Bull's King of the air - TNW Conference 2018
Kevin Langeree on Kitesurfing into the future with Red Bull's King of the air - TNW Conference 2018
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No Wind No Problem KevVlog #209
In the 15 years I have been competing I've never had an event with absolutely no wind. Unfortunatly this happend in France during the GKA big air world tour stop... I still manage to have a lot of fun surf foiling and doing a couple of tow ups. Let's hope the next few stops will have more wind.
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Jesse Richman and Kevin Langeree Talk Tow-up at the Mondial du Vent
GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Air Games riders Kevin Langeree and Jesse Richman discuss the thrills and dangers of light wind tow-up with a kite - ahead of this weekend's show in Leucate. The GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Air Games is a world championship to find the most complete twin-tip freestyle ...
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A wild adventure in Iceland KevVlog #208
Iceland has been on my bucket list for a long time and now I had the opportunity to go to the country fill with wild adventures. I don't go to the snow very often so it was fun to get pulled out of my comfort zone. Falling down and getting back up on my skies and snowboard was great.
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2 kooks vs 1 pro KevVlog #206
This is our 2nd day of ice kiting and we are getting a little better but we are definitely not there yet.... Than Mark Tuitert who's an Olympic Gold medelist in speed skating came by to help us out and to show us how it's done. Wow what a day. Thanks Mark for joining us!
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Today I went ice kiting KevVlog #205
This was something I always wanted to try!! Todays conditions where perfect to go ICE kiting, so we went. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. I'm also a complete kook on ice skates but that made it extra fun. Lasse you where killing it. Let's hope for some more days like this!
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A freezing session KevVlog #204
The temperature differents between Cape Town and Holland is quite big. From 30C back to 6C... but this didn't stop Lasse and from hitting the water. It's always fun riding and home and with your friends even if the temperatures are below comfort. Want to see more also follow me on: https://www.i...
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Downs and ups KevVlog #203
Heat 1 didn't go too well for me... The wind dropped in my heat and I was struggling to get some decent hight. I'm glad that I had a second chance in round 2. And that heat went according to plan! We will continue the contest when the wind is strong enough. Really looking forward to that. Speci...
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What doesn't kill you makes you stonger KevLog #201
Welcome to season 2 of KEVVLOG. Last year was very successful with over 1 million views on my video's. This year will be filled with more cool adventures. So make sure not to miss it! It's sad to see when your friend gets injured just before the King of the Air. I was in the exact same situation ...
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Kitesurfing Santa KevLog #37
First of all I want to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy new year. And I want to thanks my sponsors Naish, O'Neill, Young Capital and everyone else that has supported me in achieving my goals this year. Thanks to you guys for watching my video's and leaving cool comments. That really motivates me to...
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Jumping over a crowd
During my trip to Ireland I did a demo for an awesome Irish crowd at Achill Island. Can't wait to go back to this spot. *Please note that no-one was brought in danger making this video. The jumps where done at safe distance.*
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If it ain't Dutch it ain't much - KevVlog #32
It doesn't get more DUTCH than this!! Enjoy watching this very Dutch KEVVLOG! Thanks a lot Lasse Walker for filming!
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Barrels and more... KevVlog #31
I still had some great footage laying around of my trip to Mauritius a couple of weeks ago. So sit back and enjoy this brand new KEVVLOG! Footage shot by: Carsten Naumann at the GKA in Mauritius
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Caught in a 50 knot storm! KevVlog #30
Wow what a day here at home. I knew there was going to be a lot of wind today. After a couple jumps and kite loops a big rain cloud came by and toke with it like 50 knots and tons of rain. I had to stop and lay in the water to wait till the cloud was gone. It was pretty crazy. Luckily nothing crazy ...
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Red Bull King of the Air 2016: Aaron, Jesse, Kevin, ...
Good conditions for Big Air and Megaloops, two mega crashes and a storm of protests at the award ceremony / The invited riders: Aaron Hadlow, Jesse Richman, Kevin Langeree, Reno Romeu, Lasse Walker, Andries Fourie, Lewis Crathern, Marc Jacobs, Tom Hebert, Jerrie van de Kop, Gijs Wassenaar, Willem va...
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Highlights of the King of the Air 2016
Watch the best moments from the Red Bull King of the Air 2016, held in Cape Town, South Africa, and won by Aaron Hadlow.
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KOTA 2016 - Final Part 2
Redbull King of the Air 2016 - Final part 2 Final results: 1 - Aaron Hadlow 2 - Jesse Richman 3 - Kevin Langeree
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KOTA 2016 - Final Part 1
Redbull King of the Air 2016 - Final part 1 - Jessie Richman - Aaron Hadlow - Kevin Langeree - Reno Romeu (will be eliminated in round 2 of the final)
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Red Bull King Of The Air 2016 Cape Town
Red Bull King Of The Air 2016 Cape Town
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Best of 2015: Aaron Hadlow, Gisela Pulido, Liam Whaley, Carlos Mario, ...
Big Air, Megaloops and Freestyle in Cape Town (South Africa), Cabarete (Dominican Republic), St. Peter-Ording (Germany) and Cumbuco (Brazil). / Selected riders (many of them world champions) / Red Bull King of the Air: Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Jerrie van de Kop, Jesse Richman, Ruben Lenten. / V...
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This is my VKWC by Kevin Langeree - Tarifa 2015
Behind the scenes video of Kevin Langeree during the 2015 VKWC in Tarifa. Kevin won the Big Air and gives us a glimpse of his life on tour.
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Kitesoul Magazine - Red Bull King of the Air 2015
The ultimate Kitesoul's video of the Red Bull King of the Air 2015 competition. Cape Town - Big Bay - 2015
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