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In a Moment of Mayhem ... Naish Kiteboarding 2016 (Part 1)
When it comes to kiting, Naish doesn’t mess around. Naish team riders Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Ewan Jaspan and Katie Potter test the chaos theory—planning one rotation at a time. The result is shear perfection. Here’s to the kiters that live in the moment—this one’s for you. Stay tuned for Part...
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Shawn Richman's Makes Memories Kenya
Video shot and edited by Anna Campbell
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NKTV S03E09 - Season 3 Wrap Up
Season 3 of NKTV unleashed loads of adrenaline through endless adventures to newly charted territories, both on and off the grid, with tons of style. Through time, passion, and commitment, these one-of-a-kind experiences have broken the mold exposing how dramatic the evolution of the sport has truly...
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Richman Brothers Go Big In Hood River, OR
Join Jesse & Shawn Richman as they take kiteboarding to epic heights during the first ever Hood River Huck Fest, a big air event in the Columbia River Gorge. Sit back and watch as the brothers make Hood River their playground, hitting endless kickers and sliders in between tons of big air tricks. Th...
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NKTV S03E06 - 13 Years of Naish Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding equipment has gone through incredible changes in a short period of time. Naish has been there since the beginning, at the forefront of innovating and moving the sport forward, always pushing the standard in performance, safety, and quality. Watch Robby Naish, Kevin Langeree and the R...
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NKTV S03E03 - Kiting for Conservation
Kick off your shoes and continue through Kenya alongside Shawn Richman and Anna Campbell as they further explore uncharted territories in wild, untamed Kenya. Whether it’s Enduro riding, SUPing with locals from the Maasai tribe, or setting new world records on Mt. Kenya, they do it all. Prepare ...
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NKTV S03E02 - Lamu Island, Kenya
Jambo Jambo! Join Kevin Langeree, Anna Campbell and Shawn Richman on a culturally charged trip to Lamu Island, Kenya! Watch as they take their insane freestyle kiting to new heights on world class flatwater conditions while finding time to jump in with locals and experience generosity at its bes...
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NKTV S03E01 - Naish DNA
Season 3 is officially here! Join NKTV for yet another epic season of ridiculous bumping, jumping, traveling and team shenanigans. We’re kicking off the season with Episode 1-Naish DNA…Watch killer airs and crazy sweet tricks as loads of adrenalin are unleashed on the South African sea by the ...
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King of the Air 2013: Jesse, Nick, Sam, Youri, Ruben, ...
Red Bull King of the Air 2013, Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. / Competitors: Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Light, Youri Zoon, Lewis Crathern, Andries Fourie, Kevin Langeree, Gianni Aragno, Shawn Richman, Luke Whiteside, Ruben Lenten, Billy Parker, Luke McGillewie, Johnno Scholte, Reno Romeu. ...
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E13: Rocking Hard in Hood River
The Richman brothers like to go big whenever they hit the water! Watch them at their latest playground in Hood River, where they joined forces with Sam Light and the Naish windsurf team riders Nathan Mershon and Wyatt Miller to rock the Gorge. Riders: Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Sam Light, Wyat...
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E11: The Other Side
Break on through to the other side of Maui with Shawn Richman and Jalou Langeree. Follow them on their off road adventure to find wind and waves far away from the infamous white sandy beaches from Hawai'i! RIDER: Jalou Langeree, Shawn Richman EDITING: Olivier Sautet FILMING: Andi Jansen/Olivier...
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Maui Mini Movie: Uprising. .. Full Movie
Maui Mini Movie presents Uprising. A visual story of winter 2012. From the Pro Pool to some of the sickest strapless action on the planet. In Maui go big or go home, whether jumping off the screen with massive boosts, throwing down in the pro pool or catching some bombs on the outer reefs. This ...
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E10: Stay Hi
Join Rick Jensen as he takes you on a trip through Maui and meet locals Robby Naish, Kai Lenny, and Shawn and Jesse Richman. Learn how the beauty of Hawai'i compares to life as a kiter in Germany. FILMING & EDITING: Andi Jansen RIDERS: Rick Jensen, Robby Naish, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Kai ...
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E09: Welcome to 2013
Welcome to the world of Naish; a world of water, wind and waves. A world of dreams and adrenaline, fun, family and friends. A world where high tech materials and designs meet real world testing to give you the best possible boardriding experience. DIRECTOR: Andi Jansen FILMERS : Andi Jansen / Ol...
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E06: This is Hawaii IS HAWAII
As the only Hawaii-based kite company, Naish has the ultimate proving grounds right in our backyard. Check out the Naish Team's born and bred Maui riders Kai Lenny, Shawn Richman and Jesse Richman killing it in everything from Kite Beach freestyle to macking Jaws. DIRECTOR: Olivier Sautet RIDER...
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Richman Slomo - Trixtor Test
If you like it help by sharing it on twitter, facebook, and your website and local forums. Cheers! Shawn Richman vs. Jesse Richman! The top 2 kiteboarders in the world battling it out like brothers should in a slow motion twixtor test. Who is your favorite? video & edit by:
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Maui Mini Movie: Kite Junkies
Maui Mini Movie Presents: Kite Junkies. First ever kite comedy featuring some of Maui's best riders and most interesting characters. All- star riders Shawn Richman and Ryan Toaspern lead the way. Introducing Nathan Morrissey as Mr. Lee a true kite junky. Aloha and good luck
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Maui Mini Movie: Kite Porn
Maui Mini Movie: Patri, Shawn, Toast, Cruiser, Jesse, Chuck, Duke, the Kid and Special Guest Appearance by Nate in a bonanza of kiteboarding action at Kitebeach Maui.
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Maui Mini Movie: Shawn Richman's: Name My Move 2
Shawn Richman throws down another amazing new trick. As before he wants you to name it, so leave a comment here or
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Maui Mini Movie: Alien vs Predator
Shawn Richman vs Eric Reinstra as styles clash at Kitebeach. Fantastic action from 3 separate sessions. Great to see the return of Jesse Richman. Cruiser, Chuck, the Kid and Toast round out the riders.
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Shawn Richman in La Ventana
Shawn Richman riding new RRD Vision 12m and Contest 40 in lightwind conditions right after winning La Ventana Classic BigAir-OldSkool competition. sound:
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Maui Mini Movie: Jesse & Shawn Rewind
Maui Mini Movie: Jesse & Shawn Rewind
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Maui Mini Movie: Let's get together
Maui Kitebeach Reports presents: Maui Mini Movie "Let's Get Together" Jesse and Shawn Richman, Toast and the boys own the Pro Pool
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