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Epic downwinder with huge land gaps
An epic planet of the apes downwinder to Real Watersports. Big jumps, land gaps, dock grinds, freestyle and park!
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"The Best Of" @ProKite Brasil
It is simply unbelieveable, that such a small place like lagoon Uruau in Brasil can attract som many people that travel here each year from all around the world. Story of ProKite Brasil started 8 years ago with the vision of two passionate kitesurfers and friends Riki & Gigi and these days it attrac...
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Men's Finals Highlights: 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational
Video highlights from the Women's Finals at the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational. For more videos, photos, articles and more, visit or follow #WindVoyagerTripleS
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Hood River Slider Jam Course Preview - Sam Light
Hood River Slider Jam Course Preview - Sam Light
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Acqua, A Kiteboarding Film
Head to a tropical paradise in Patrick Wieland's newest film featuring Alex Fox and Sam Light as they sail around the British Virgin Islands finding the best locations to kite board. Not a bad life they live...
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Kiteboarding with Whales - Sam Light
Big air, freestyle and Whales Go Pro POV in Cape Town
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De Brazil - Sam Light and Alex Fox
The boys are back. Sam Light and Alex Fox head to the stunning flat water lagoons of Brazil to deliver some smooth high performance action. Shot entirely on RED, Slingshot invites you to follow this infamous duo on their wild adventure through one of kiteboarding's most premiere locations. Directed ...
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Sam Light 'Redbull king of the air' wildcard video
They invite the top 12 from the year before and I came equal 15th so I am first reserve but I decided to throw this together with a few leftover clips to get one of the 12 wildcard spots.. Edit by Sam Filmed by Andi Jansen
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Welcome Away - Sam Light and Alex Fox
Sam Light and Alex Fox find themselves back in Oregon for another wake-style onslaught like nothing you have ever see. Welcome Away is a true statement to the new kiteboarding culture. Here is what they had to say about this video: "Repetition and competition from the same mold only results in ca...
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Everyday - Alex Fox and Sam Light
Slingshot is proud to present the "3 for All" video series. In conjunction with the release of our 2015 Line, we will be releasing 3 action videos showcasing the versatility and performance of the new gear in three different location around the world. In this first installment, Slingshot invites...
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2014 Triple-S Invitational - Interview with 1st Place Overall Winner, Sam Light
The Kiteboarder Magazine sits down with 2014 Triple-S Invitational 2nd Place Surfstyle, 1st Place Slider and 1st Place Overall winner, Sam Light, for an exclusive interview on the red sofa in the Winners' Lounge. Check out for all of the video interviews with this ye...
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Wakestyle now, is a term thrown around pretty loosely these days in kiteboarding, which is unusual because as recently as two years ago, it was a term that essentially only referred to about %1 of the kiteboarding population. However with the recent emergence of bindings on the world tour, you see m...
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"The Gorge" Teaser
The boys are hungry to keep the Slingshot momentum strong and have just finished 2 weeks of shooting on one of the only public kite parks in the world: “The Gorge". And once again Alex Fox, Sam Light and Eric Rienstra have raised the bar on what can be done with a kite. This new short film was filme...
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Heineken Kite Ride Bonaire 2013 event clip "official"
From 19 till 22nd of June 2013 a group of worldclass wakestyle kiteboard athletes gathered at blue water paradise Bonaire to host the Heineken Kite Ride event. The Kite Ride Foundation and the local youngsters had been working on building obstacles for 5 months to create a perfect playground for the...
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Eng / Rail Masters Kite Jib Contest / Sam Light in Russia
Sam Light and best Russian kiters - Nikolay Rakhmatov, Dmitriy Evseev, Peter Tyushkevitch, Yan Valiev, Gennadiy Kirillov, Yuriy Gavrilov, Egor Morozov, Sergey Belmesov, Anton Uzhegov etc. Location: Russia / Black sea / Blaga spot Meet on Rail Masters 2013: Aaron Hadlow, James Boulding, Tom C...
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Sam Light + Slingshot (Part 2)
Check out more of Sam Light’s riding in part two of his South African adventure. Sam shreds the park and masters the waves, which he says is the future of Freestyle. Filmed & Edited by Andi Jansen
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Slingshot + Sam Light (Part 01)
Sam Light’s new video and his introduction to the Slingshot Family is ready to be seen by you. This is the teaser and part one of a two part series. The main video will drop on Thursday, April 18th. We are extremely excited to welcome Sam to the team and to our family. Filmed & Edited by Andi Ja...
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King of the Air 2013: Jesse, Nick, Sam, Youri, Ruben, ...
Red Bull King of the Air 2013, Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. / Competitors: Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Light, Youri Zoon, Lewis Crathern, Andries Fourie, Kevin Langeree, Gianni Aragno, Shawn Richman, Luke Whiteside, Ruben Lenten, Billy Parker, Luke McGillewie, Johnno Scholte, Reno Romeu. ...
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Kiteboarding film from fall 2012 in Brazil featuring Sam Light, Sam Medysky, Eric Rienstra and Craig Cunningham
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E13: Rocking Hard in Hood River
The Richman brothers like to go big whenever they hit the water! Watch them at their latest playground in Hood River, where they joined forces with Sam Light and the Naish windsurf team riders Nathan Mershon and Wyatt Miller to rock the Gorge. Riders: Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Sam Light, Wyat...
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E09: Welcome to 2013
Welcome to the world of Naish; a world of water, wind and waves. A world of dreams and adrenaline, fun, family and friends. A world where high tech materials and designs meet real world testing to give you the best possible boardriding experience. DIRECTOR: Andi Jansen FILMERS : Andi Jansen / Ol...
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Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E08: SA Melting Pot
They come from different countries, speak different languages and each have a totally unique styles, but when Naish teammates Sam Light, Rick Jensen, and Kevin & Jalou Langeree come together in South Africa, it's a full on fusion of skill. DIRECTOR: Boom Ting Productions RIDERS: Jalou Langeree, ...
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Slider Party: Wake Style Mania
Check out Sam and Rick blurring the lines between Kite and Cable. The boys rocked into town for the Slider Party and killed it. Sam walked away with 1st! Director : Olivier Sautet ( Riders : Sam Light, Rick Jensen Location : South of France Music : Chukki Star//For...
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Episode 3 - Dakhla and Tarifa ft. Sam Light
This episode is filmed from a few sessions in very light wind in Dakhla and Tarifa. I am about to go to Holland to compete in the PKRA there and have spent a couple of weeks in Tarifa preparing for it. Thanks to Naish Kiteboarding for making it all happen! Music is Helena Beat by Foster the People...
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The Free Ride Project feat: UKcrew
The "FreeRide' Project is an idea that we had at the start of 2011. Four riders, from different brands, we started traveling together and filming how we wanted our sport to look and be represented...this is a no-mess, un-brand motivated representation of what we want kiteboarding to be and what it m...
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