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Aaron Hadlow - Tewnty - Official Trailer
Aaron Hadlow and Laci Kobulsky join forces once again to bring you movie TWENTY, a feature length movie filmed over a year"s period at multiple locations, featuring Aaron's favorite disciplines in kiteboarding, so be sure to stay up to date with the projec
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Aaron Airs - Episode 3
Aaron Airs Episode 3 comes to you from the Cape Hatteras in USA, Aaron runs through his runs in Triple S, shares some trick and location tips, meets up with Craig Cunningham, rewatch his part in The Bubble Film with Noe Font and updates you on his movie pr
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Aaron Hadlow Interview - GKA Kiteboarding Air Games World Tour
The GKA Kiteboarding Air Games World Tour aims to find the most complete twin-tip rider. Five time World Champion Aaron Hadlow explains more.
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New tricks at the Triple-S 2018
New tricks at the Triple-S 2018
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Aaron Airs Hadlow - Episode 2
Aaron Airs Episode 2 comes to you from the Grenadines, Aaron runs through his trip to the Air Games, shares some trick and location tips, meets up with Sam Lights, talks about his new harness and updates you on his video project, TWENTY.
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Aaron Airs - Episode 1
In Episode 1 Aaron runs through his King of the Air, meets up with Photographer Craig Kolesky, Chats to Ruben Lenten and lets you know about his new upcoming project.
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Aaron Hadlow Pond tricks Safety Bay
Aaron Hadlow Pond tricks Safety Bay
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Hadlow on Vegas Development
Here is a little interview with Aaron Hadlow that I just found, taken back at the start of last year, talking about his involvment in developing the North Vegas and why its suck an important part of the range. A C-kite is the foundation for basic performance at a high level of riding. Direct feedbac...
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Aaron Hadlow jumps over sand bar in safety bay
I have always thought about doing it and on my last day before flying out the wind ramped up, so I went for it....
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Aaron Hadlow Megaloop Frontroll Boardoff KOTA 2018
Not usually my weapon of choice but my strap board came in handy during the RedBull King of the Air 2018. Here's my Mega-loop front-roll board-off that helped me to 1st place in the first round.
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ProKite Alby Rondina - 2017
Enjoy the highlights from last season with ProKite Alby Rondina. Our kite center located at lagoon Lo Stagnone in north-west of Sicily quickly became very famous as European paradise for all kiters and heaven for freestylers, thanks to all year constant winds and huge flat & shallow water. We had...
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Preparing for the Extreme - King of the Air
So last season was a big year for the King of the Air, some big jumps and even bigger crashes. As this event continues to push the limits of the riders involved it pretty interesting to hear what they have to say on what it takes to pull these tricks. Here I catch up with To Hebert, Aaron Hadlow an...
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Team Series Hadlow 2017 Product Clip
The TS Hadlow is a board committed to the most hardcore Freestyle/Wakestyle riders in the world. This board is especially developed with and for Aaron Hadlow and he´s using and abusing a production board on a daily basis, this board can take a lot. The design seamlessly bridges the gap between the G...
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Rough - North Kiteboarding
You've probably never heard of the Magdalen Islands, or even know where they. Take a look at a map and scroll as far east as you can go in Canada... you’ll find this archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. A small chain of islands offering an abundant range of landscapes and your choice of condi...
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Aaron Hadlow in Mirror Flat Water
It cannot get more mirror flat then Lo Stagnone lagoon in Sicily. Watch kitesurf legend Aaron Hadlow shred it!
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Courts Council - 2017 Wakestyle Kit Talk
Tom Court caught up with Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunnigham and Noe Font out in Cape Hatteras after the Triple-S contest this year to talk through a few of the new features on this years wakestyle lineup from North Kiteboarding. We have been working hard to develop, improve and refine what is now set to ...
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Reflection with Aaron Hadlow
Every living person in our world has to find the time to pause and look at its reflection in order to continue with the right way. For professional kiteboarder Aaron Hadlow this time happened during his stay with ProKite Alby Rondina in Sicily, where he could not only enjoy the sole passion from kit...
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Teaser: Aaron Hadlow in Sicily
September 2016. Aaron Hadlow. Movie by Laci Kobulsky www.kobulsky.com
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"The Best Of" @ProKite Brasil
It is simply unbelieveable, that such a small place like lagoon Uruau in Brasil can attract som many people that travel here each year from all around the world. Story of ProKite Brasil started 8 years ago with the vision of two passionate kitesurfers and friends Riki & Gigi and these days it attrac...
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Red Bull King of the Air 2016: Aaron, Jesse, Kevin, ...
Good conditions for Big Air and Megaloops, two mega crashes and a storm of protests at the award ceremony / The invited riders: Aaron Hadlow, Jesse Richman, Kevin Langeree, Reno Romeu, Lasse Walker, Andries Fourie, Lewis Crathern, Marc Jacobs, Tom Hebert, Jerrie van de Kop, Gijs Wassenaar, Willem va...
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Highlights of the King of the Air 2016
Watch the best moments from the Red Bull King of the Air 2016, held in Cape Town, South Africa, and won by Aaron Hadlow.
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KOTA 2016 - Final Part 2
Redbull King of the Air 2016 - Final part 2 Final results: 1 - Aaron Hadlow 2 - Jesse Richman 3 - Kevin Langeree
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KOTA 2016 - Final Part 1
Redbull King of the Air 2016 - Final part 1 - Jessie Richman - Aaron Hadlow - Kevin Langeree - Reno Romeu (will be eliminated in round 2 of the final)
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Red Bull King Of The Air 2016 Cape Town
Red Bull King Of The Air 2016 Cape Town
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Best of 2015: Aaron Hadlow, Gisela Pulido, Liam Whaley, Carlos Mario, ...
Big Air, Megaloops and Freestyle in Cape Town (South Africa), Cabarete (Dominican Republic), St. Peter-Ording (Germany) and Cumbuco (Brazil). / Selected riders (many of them world champions) / Red Bull King of the Air: Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Jerrie van de Kop, Jesse Richman, Ruben Lenten. / V...
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