Gopro Fusion Impressions- Kitesurfing Holnis

Posted by kite003
My first overcapture kitesurfing session with Gopro Fusion (Bar Mount) and GoPro Hero 5 Black (Board Mount).
Posted December 27, 2018 - Filed in Kitesurfing
  • jakemoore
    jakemoore Nice videos. How do you tilt and pan the view in the video? In the Fusion software I can tilt and pan but then only export the view settings for the entire video. I'd really like to do a line mount and then follow a friend who is riding close.
    December 29, 2018
  • kite003
    kite003 I remove card from camera. Copy the back and front files to PC. Render the files with Fusion studio. Then edit with Premiere Pro CC and PC (not Mac). With Premiere Pro and Fusion Plug in you have all options. Including tilt and pan and all overcapture...  more
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  • jakemoore
    jakemoore Awesome! Thank you.
    December 29, 2018