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Kiting at the Henry's Flat is done east and west of Hwy 20. This area offers easy beginner terrain and some intermediate/advanced boosting potential off the river terrace. No big mountains here but a long season (October to May), lots of snow and frequent wind. East of 20 much of the property that we've kited on since 2002 is called the Flat Ranch and is owned by the Nature Conservancy. Please be respectful to avoid bans. If you see wildlife, including sandhill cranes, keep your distance and go the other way. The area west of 20 is state and some private land. There are basically two main places to park to snowkite on the Henry's Flat on the north end of Island Park, Idaho. The second spot is at the Hungry Bear Market (burned c.2015, now Yellowstone Towing). It is private property and they like people who are courteous. They are cool about parking here, if you are nice. I kite from the south side of their lot, fewer fences to deal with here. Please be respectful of the cemetery on the north side of the market. Don't kite or boost over any grave stones, please. They can be hard to see later in the winter, just smooth ramps of snow.


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Frequently gets good winds.

How to get there

Short walk

Get on 20 and drive north from Rexburg and follow signs to Island Park after about 65 miles. First off, don't park on the side of the road or at just any pull out. Idaho Highway Patrol will ticket and/or tow! The most legit public parking is the snowmobile parking lot at the Red Rock Road. This is the first right after crossing the Henry's Fork River outlet heading south. There are some mailboxes there. One has to walk across the Hwy 20 and go down a small hill to get on the flats to kite. Watch for traffic on this often icy road.

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Pond's Lodge should be on your list. It's south of the kite spot a few miles.