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California (USA)
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San Francisco, Oakland
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Rio Vista, Antioch
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Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
Toilet, Parking


Shallow, Flat, Chop, Small wave
Currents, Rocks
Best Tide:
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Choppy, flat, muddy water. Flat water prevails during the flood and choppy water with some clean swells during the ebb tide. Windsurfers flock in for the ebbs, but kiters can have fun here without a lot of concern about changing tides. There is always some flat water and some swell available as you cross the river through various currents. Inside tip: work your way upwind to Island #3 for slick riding at it's best. Look out for some rocks under the water line.


No information
Rocks, Bystanders
Beach Users:
June, July, August

The beach and launch have been nicely improved over the past seasons and it's mostly sand with a bit of debris. A 'few' rocks up-river but generally a pretty sandy, soft and forgiving launch. There are blackberry bushes and logs to contend with, but they also provide a nice wind-shadow for rigging and self-landing. During low tide you can rig and launch on the 'beach side' of the logs and bushes. Kiters tend to launch at the windward end of the park but the windsurfing community is pretty aware of the informal 'kite-zone'. The launch has just been drastically changed due to flooding.


Shorty, Normal
Shorty, Normal

From cold and gusty (in the winter during clearing winds) to downright hot and steady in the summer. This location is at it's best when the coast is fogged in and the Central Valley is nice and toasty. People wear shorties in the spring, but by summer it's board shorts and rash guards. You can ride here year-round but April to September is prime time. Temp of water is mid 60's°F. The air reaches mid 90's°F in the summer.


Best Months:
April, May, June, July, August, September
Wind Type:
Best Direction:
Main Direction:

Wind can vary from very light to very strong. It will often be windiest in the early morning and then again in the late afternoon during the primary season. A 12m kite will be good for most riders. Days that average in the low 20mph range are frequent all summer long. Typically there will be periods of very high temperatures and low winds, followed by several days of cooling and high winds. The first day of the cool-down is frequently the optimal set-up for high winds which average in the high 20 to low 30mph for several hours each day. The wind is typically sideonshore with a predominant SW direction. From gusty (in the winter during clearing winds) to steady in the summer. SW is best direction, but also works on West and South. North wind is not good.

How to get there

Short walk

On the San Francisco Bay delta, also known as Rio Vista. From San Francisco/Oakland: Take Hwy 680 to Walnut Creek take Hwy 242 going towards Concord. Continue past Concord on Hwy 242 Merge east towards Antioch on Hwy 4. Go past Antioch. Merges with Hwy. 160 and cross the toll-bridge. Take the first left turn after the bridge, Hwy. 160, and follow the levee road to the County Park. Pay the parking fee and continue to the end of the park near the boat launch. Park and walk a short distance to the right and you'll find the kite slot. Windsurfers go also bit further north where the parking next to the water is.

Extra information

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Be cool with other beach users. There are occasionally fishermen and jet-skis in addition many windsurfers. They have been coming here for 20 years but there seems to be plenty of room for everyone and the vibe on the beach is laid-back. People are generally friendly and helpful for visiting kiters. Right hand forward has right of way. Get away from beach fast. No tricks close to shore. Kite in the channel away from shore. $5 to cross bridge onto Sherman Island from Antioch. $5 day use fee at park.


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