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Rider Ability:
Intermediate, Expert
Rooms, School, Shop, Rental, Rescue, Shower, Toilet, Food, Parking


Flat, Chop, Small wave, Medium wave, Big wave
Animals, Currents, Reefs, Corals
Crystal clear
Best Tide:
Tide independent

Perfect clean, blue water. Perfectly flat out about 400-500m then reef breaks and sand bar breaks. Probably 1-3m deep all the way out to reef. Not that tide affected. Reef does provide a good surf break left and right on a big swell. Tidal range is of max 1.2m and this spot should be approached with great caution a low tides. Inside lagoon is usually very flat, but strong currents can make the spot tricky on days with good swell. On the reef there are three different types of waves: the small wave on a rock seaweed bed is OK for intermediate levels, care should be taken for the current that rips past. The main reef wave between Manawa and One Eye is the real killer. Only for top level riders (a lot of novices try, and two have already paid the high price). Take good care when entering the water there, to make sure you have all the information to avoid the dangers, as some have never come back from it. The outer reef wave is far out and you should be a good swimmer if you venture out this far. The wave is slower than the main reefs, but usually a few feet bigger and bowler. Remember that there are several passes with strong currents, making these areas also very popular for sharks, so do not wallow around too much in the deeper waters or channels. Le Morne has a comparatively small lagoon, but this is usually well winded, and a little public beach on the point gives access to a great number of riders. This past windy season has seen as many as 150 windsurfers, and many kiters riding together on the lagoon. The inside reef is the safest, with seaweed covered rocks and few corals, side shore waves that get hollower at low tide. Manawa or Jaws is the wave past the main pass looking south, facing the center and hotel. It can hold pretty big, and is a rolling foam ball with the odd faster section, ideal for aspiring kiters and windsurfers. Beware when the swell is large, the current in the pass is in the same direction as the wind (out to sea), and can instantly kill the wind when you hit it. Some big predators have also been seen and met in this pass. Chameau is the wave that dreams (good and bad ones) are made of. This is the ultimate in wave riding for windsurfers and kiters, and should be approached with great care. The wave is hollow and really shallow, and the amount of masts and egos that have been broken there cannot be told. One Eye is the end of the wave and is reserved to surfers only. This break ends in a narrow strong current pass that will suck out any passing object or persons.


Shells, Trees
Beach Users:

Soft, white sand, palm trees. Look at any Mauritius brochure, the whole coast line is beautiful. Good for launching kites and made up of sand and coral bits which are a bit tough on the feet for city folks.


Shorts, Shorty

Warm water/weather all year round. Surf all year. Tropical temperatures, although a bit of neoprene is recommended for the winter months.


Best Months:
June, July, August, September, October
Wind Type:
Best Direction:
Main Direction:

Mainly Southeasterly, quite constant winds May through August, after and before that you have 50/50 chance of getting it on. Usual wind is SE trade wind and because of mountains acceleration is a daily occurrence. Ideal directions are 90 to 180 degrees.

How to get there

Short walk

Directly on the opposite side of the island from the airport. Le Morne lies on the South western tip of the island. Not a lot of cheap accommodation at Le Morne but a couple of 5 star places right on the best kite/windsurf beach. You can camp on Le Morne beach but don't take many valuables with you. Can get a bus from airport or taxi but make sure you barter for taxi. Taxi drivers at the airport something exaggerate on the price. They can charge you 55 Euro from airport to Le Morne.

Extra information


Le Morne is the best spot of the island, if your skill level is up to it. Le Morne is suffering from over advertising, making it very crowded in the peak months but bearable otherwise. Weekends and public holidays can be a bit of a problem when the local community of approx. 30 kiters come to enjoy their spot. Locals therefore ask visitors to plan their sightseeing and shopping trips on these days to avoid any unnecessary congestion and frictions. Always be extra careful in lagoons when approaching channels and passes, the current will surprise you very often and you will get sucked out to sea before you know it. Usually sharks also like to hang around there, as they can just sit and gobble up the morsels that come ripping past. Around the island there are a lot of fish, so every boat has its rod or hand line for fishing which is constantly in use, so do not pass to near boats as you might get caught up like a fish. Behind moving boats there are often trawling lines, these are a great trap. Kite beginners go to the kite beach a bit further East.


Foe nightlife, you should go to Flic en Flac. There are casino, restaurants, pubs, night club.....