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Rider Ability:
Intermediate, Expert
Rescue, Shower, Toilet, Food, Parking


Flat, Chop, Small wave
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Best Tide:
Tide independent

Flat water on a Northeasterly. Choppy and or rollers on a Southwest. Water quality is generally good. Check the water quality after a heavy rainfall.


Sand, Pebbles
Trees, Bystanders, Power lines, Other
Beach Users:
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Pump up and launch on a SW near the open end of the bay at the far end of the sand. The beach is narrow and divided by obstacles notably: the lifeguard tower and power line. If you get blown downwind past the lifeguard tower do not attempt to walk back upwind past the tower and power line. This is extremely dangerous. Cherry is not recommended for beginners due to the limited launch and landing zones. The beach is sandy and about 30m wide, with pebbles close to the shoreline. There are large trees beyond the beach area. Beach is generally not too crowded but caution should be exercised when there are civilians walking on the beach. Cherry Beach sits inside the mouth of a deep bay. The mouth of the bay faces the SW. In a SW (or SE) you would reach across the bay to the other side and back (about 700 metres).


Normal, Thick
Shorts, Shorty
Normal, Thick

Season lasts from late April/early May to mid October. A drysuit or 4/3 steamer is necessary for the beginning and end of the seasons. During the peak summer months a shorty or boardshorts are fine. Note that the water temp drops quite a bit out in the middle of the bay. The water never gets really warm.


Best Months:
March, April, May, September, October, November
Wind Type:
Thermal, Frontal
Best Direction:
Main Direction:
No information

Wind is strongest in spring and fall. Summer is usually thermal action. Best directions are NE for flat water and SSW for clean and full wind. SW can come in clean through the mouth of the bay. W and NW are generally too gusty and offshore to work. The most consistent wind is E or SE which results in flat water, but E winds are often accompanied by rainy weather. Best bets for stronger wind are in the spring and fall when winds can be 15 to 25 knots 2 or 3 times a week and occasionally stronger.

How to get there

Car, Bus
Short walk

Cherry Beach is located at the bottom of Cherry Street in eastern Toronto. From downtown take Lakeshore Drive east, exit at Cherry Street (just east of Parliment Street). Go south on Cherry Street about 1 kilometer and you will drive into the Cherry Beach parking lot. There is bus service from Union station that runs every half hour.

Extra information


1. Always launch you kite pointing out towards the bay. This is a big duh. If something unexpected happens the kite will luff into the water and at worst thats where you'll get dragged too. Launching towards the trees resulted in at least one crispy new kite ending up at the top of a tree overhead of a bunch of bystanders. It apparently happened twice the day before. 2. The trees on the beach contribute to unpredictable updrafts. This in combination with already gusty conditions as the wind rounds the point makes it even more important to get off the beach quickly. Keep the kite low and go. 3. Don't walk upwind between the trees and power lines next to the lifeguard hut. If you get blown downwind wind it up and walk back. It takes 15 minutes - and means we'll continue to be able to use our local spot. If you don't care about your own safety or gear at least think of the other people who enjoy using the beach. 4. If you are a beginner, there are lots of better places to learn make the drive to somewhere more open. If you must kite here, don't be afraid to tell people you are learning and ask for their help. People will be more than happy to give you a hand. 5. Don't be afraid to speak up. If you see someone doing something dumb try to let them know. 6. This area is home to several very active dinghy-sailing clubs, a wind-surfing club, and a public marina, and is prone to on-the-water traffic congestion. Do not consider launching here unless you understand rights-of-way.


It's Toronto! Great nightlife.