Coronado Island / Silver Strand State Beach

North America
California (USA)
Next Big City
San Diego
Next Town
Coronado, Imperial Beach
Rider Ability:
Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
School, Rescue, Shower, Toilet, Food, Parking


Shallow, Chop, Small wave, Medium wave
No information
Best Tide:
High tide

Tides vary daily, check tide books. This spot can be ridden on any tide but big high tides are fun because you've got a lot of smooth water inside of the break for upwind cruising. The spot is a wave spot when there's a decent N, NW, W or SW swell running. Can be big. Can be gnarly. Can destroy your kite if you drop it in surf zone. Most of the time it's chest high and perfect for launching and learning to deal with surf.


Beach Users:
July, August

Big wide sandy beach. Dave's is the spot by the ranger station as you come into the Strand State Beach Park. It's good for beginners because you can go downwind forever and most intermediate or advanced kiters won't be in your way, they're upwind. Can get packed in summer with beach goers. Go south of the flag.


Best Months:
January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, December
Wind Type:
Thermal, Frontal
Best Direction:
Main Direction:
S, W, NW

South winds are fickle, W or NW winds are strong and steady and usually start around 11am. The place is a light wind spot so bring your big gear. During summertime thermal winds building up at 11am. Cold fronts are responsible for winds in fall and winter. Most of the times side to sideonshore. Usually best in fall, winter and spring. The strongest winds (18-24 knots) are from November through April, but very infrequent. Maybe only 4 good days per month then. The summer time winds are most consistent, but usually very light and barely rideable (usually 9-11 knots steady). Sometimes, the winds hit 12-14 knots, but rare. The winds usually start early, around 10am on a clear day, and then backoff around 1pm due to the heat. It might 'comeback' around 3pm, but usually only lasts an hour of marginal riding. Just enough to trick you into rigging back up. In the summer time, its best to drive up to the Long Beach area (2 hour drive), or do a trip into Mexico. Wind forecast: local weather reports don't have a clue, so keep this in mind, and ask a local.

How to get there

Medium walk

Fly into SD, head to Coronado. Cross the bridge and take a left onto Orange, head south along the strand, get off at the Strand Beach exit. Follow this road for a while until you pass the large Navy obstacle course (on your left). The next exit (a mile or so down the road) leads to the Strand. Exit, turn right, and park in the southernmost open lot. You may have to walk your gear further south to be clear of beach goers. Park and launch south of the southernmost open parking lot. Or park across the street in the Coronado Cays (expensive little housing area) and walk across the highway to the spot.

Extra information


Don't fly through little kids and old ladies on beach. Don't fly your kite or walk over the dunes to the south - bird reserve. If you blow downwind by the bird refuge, land the kite, roll up the lines and walk it back. Just keep your kite low and over the beach so you don't scare the birds in the dunes (it's a Least Tern reserve). Don't screw us out of a spot by messing with these endangered birds. Don't litter.


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