Boracay / White Beach (Willys Rock)

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Manila, Caticlan
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Boracay Island
Rider Ability:
Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
Rooms, School, Shop, Rental, Rescue, Shower, Toilet, Food


Shallow, Flat, Chop, Small wave
Reefs, Corals
Crystal clear
Best Tide:
High tide

Crystal blue and warm. Flat water inside the reef, a large area to play, able to accommodate a large number of kiteboarders and windsurfers. Outside of reef, swell increases with increasing wind strength. On the reef, tide variations and wind strength will affect the waves breaking but generally small and lumpy waves are on offer. High and low tide affects the water depth inside the reef and over the reef. Generally low tide will give very little water depth, but if you’re keen and a crazy kiter with no fear of coral cuts then get out there. It is also possible to surf or walk out past the reef and kite beyond the reef if you’re really keen. Middle and high tide create slightly different conditions with a tiny but manageable chop.


Beach Users:
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It has the enviable title of `the most beautiful beach in the world`. The wind is generally onshore so launching and landing should be undertaken with care. Body dragging out a safe distance is highly recommended before water starting. The width of the beach varies with the tide height, at high tide the beach is around 5 meters wide, low tide is around 15 meters wide. The beach has a lot of debris washed up from the prevailing NE winds. Outside most of the windsurfing/kiteboarding centers they generally clean each day. Otherwise the there is a lot of debris that will become entangled in you lines if not careful.


Best Months:
June, July, September, October
Wind Type:
Best Direction:
Main Direction:

White Beach has wind from June till October. The wind blows sideonshore port tack. A constant wind which averages 15-25 knots. Sometimes reaches 30 knots. Blows constant the whole day. The wind is generally onshore or slightly offshore, making launching and landing sometime a difficult process, but once out on the water and up wind the conditions are great with flat, shallow water and generally consistent trade winds. November to March: the Northeasterly monsoons, wind ranging from 8 up to 35 knots. Averaging around 12-25 knots May to June. May to October produce little wind but high temperatures. There is a possibility of typhoons in the central and northern areas from June to November. In the winter months the surfing is only on Bulabog Beach.

How to get there

Short walk

Basically the only way to get to the Philippines is by plane. Manila and Cebu are the only major entry points. There are flights between the Philippines and plenty of Asian cities, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. There are also flights between Davao in Mindanao and Manado on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The island is really small, 1 km wide and 7 km long. 1 hour flight to the island of Caticlan from the Manila domestic airport. A relaxing 20 minute boat ride to Boracay island. There is no airport to this island and one is boated from the neighboring island to your hotels beach location.

Extra information


In the winter months the kiting is only on Bulabog Beach.


White Beach has many bars and restaurants. Also places for dancing. Weekly parties on Bulabog.