How can I list my business in the Directory?

In the Directory section you will find the tab Create New Diretory.

First, you need to choose a Package.

We offer 3 different packages for your listing on the Directory:

Free Package
This package is for free.

Featured Package
Make your listing featured and it will be shown in the featured tab and is marked accordingly on the profile picture. Those listings get more attention. We charge a small monthly fee.

Sponsored Package
Make your listing sponsored and it will be marked accordingly on the profile picture. Those listings get more attention. We charge a small monthly fee, which is less than the Featured Package.

Choose the package you prefer by clicking below the package info on Create a Directory.

Fill out the form. Make sure to add the correct Category and to set a Location.
The Location is important to later show your business at the Spots pages in the Directory section.

Then click on Create.

You will be forwarded to the Dashboard of your listing. To hte left you will see the navigation for your Directory. Here you can click and add the according info.

Get Started:
It will guide you thru the content that needs to be added.

Edit Info:
Here the main info is shown. Edit what you want to be changed.

Profile Picture:
Change here your profile picture and thumbnail.

Contact Details:
Edit here your phone, email or website details.

Here you can Edit your Location. You can also Delete a location or Add another location.

Profile Info:
This tool is not available.

Here you will fidn a tool to market your listing. Send updates to people who have liked your Directory.

Manage Notifications:
Set notifications for various options.

Manage Admins:
If you want other people to be able to edit your listing, add the person here. That person must be a registered member of the social media part of kiteforum.

Featured Admins:
Here you can add a featured admin. This option is not needed.

Edit Style:
Don't use this option.

Here you can change the package you chose. We have 3 packages available: Free, Sponsored and Featured. Sponsored and featured are not for free, we charge a small monthly fee. With these packages you will get more attention for your listing.

To view your listing click on View Directory on the top right.