Does my item also gets shown on a spot?

Yes, we added your Marketplace listing to our spot database.

The spots have a GPS marker, and if you added a location to your marketplace item as well, it will be shown at the spots around your location, showing the distance to your location.

Go to the Spots page and find your spot. Then click the tab Marketplace. Here you will fidn all listed items in the area of that spot.

This is a very nice tool if you travel to foreign countries, where kite gear is more expensive then what you paid for. You won't need to take your gear back, can sell if for the same or similar price you bought it for.
The locals will be happy to buy used gear cheaper or buy gear that they cannot buy in their country.
And you will be happy since you don't need to take all the gear back and can buy new gear for more or less the same price.