How to use the Marketplace Home?

On the Marketplace Home you can find many tools to find offered products, like second hand gear, job offers, services, real estates etc.

In the center of the page you can see the latest offers. To see more keep scrolling down, the site will keep loading more and more offers.

Depending on your window size (wide desktop, normal desktop or mobile) the tools will be positioned on the left, right or top.

If you want to search by categories, see this tool box:

Click on the small arrow and it opens a list of the categories the site offers. By clicking the according product you are searching for, you will be forwarded to the browse page of that product.

You can also use the text Search to find specific offers:

Enter a keyword and/or a location name and click on Search.

Another option is to search by the first letter, e.g. like "N" for "Naish" or "H" for "Hifi".

In the center navigation you will find tags for Recent Items, Map, Tags and Packages.

Recent Items shows you the latest added offers. Keep scrolling down to view more.
Map will show you the markers where users offer their gear or services. If soemthing is in your area, you can click the marker to get see a preview of the product. Click the blue headline to see more details.
Tags will show you a list of tags users added so you can pick one to click and find all products with the according tag.
Packages only shows the available packages that are offered to list your product. We only offer one package, which is the free lsiting for 2 months.

Most Viewed shows the offers being viewed the most.

Most Reviewed shows the products with the most reviews.

The User Tools are improtant for you to be active yourself

If you have something to offer, click on Post New Item and add your item.

In My Items you will find all items you listed.

If you are interested in some products, and you saved them as bookmarks, click on My Saved Bookmarks to view all of them.

You can also find a list of Popular Locations, where the locations are shown that have the most listings.

In Top Posters you can find the users who posted the most items.