How can I create a Session log?

Creating a new session log is easy.

Go to the Session Logs section of the site and here click on Add Session.

Make sure to have added your Personal Info before, since you need to choose gear from a dropdown to add your session.

Start by choosing the Sport, then choose the Country where you kited in. Once you chose a country, the dropdown below will show you the Spots listed in ou database.
If you don't see the spot you kited at, go to the Spots section of the site. Search here for the spot, see if it has a different name, and if not, please click on Add New Spot to add it to our database. Filling out the form is quick and easy. Once you added the spot, go back to the Session Log page. Now you need to refresh the site, choose the sport and country again, and the spot should show in the dropdown list. Choose the spot name.

Now add the Main Photo of your session, if you made any. it is not necessary to add a photo at this point. You can add the main picture later, and also more pictures. But also no problem if you don't have any picture at all.

Then you have to choose the Date when you had your session.

Now you have to add the time. From is the time you started your session, and To when you ended it. Click into the time fields to change it, or use the scroll function of your mouse, trackpad or screen on mobile device.

Once done, you have to choose the gear you used. Kite, Board and the Line Length you used. This info you must have added before in the Personal Info area.

Adding the Wind Speed is a very important information everyone wants to know, so please make sure to add it!
Simply choose the wind speed by adding the range From the lowest To the highest. Choose the wind Scala you meassured it in.
How good was the wind? let us know by choosing the wind Type.

What were the water/land/snow Conditions you kited in?

To know how warm the Water Temperature and air was, please choose what you were wearing.

Now you can add your Style! What's yours? Let us know. And please note, that it would be great for your statistics, to create a Session Log for every style.

Did you encounter many people or did you have enough space? For this info choose the according info at Crowds.

It will be great to see for others and your statistics how good your session was. How do you rate this session? 1 star is not good, 10 stars was a perfect session!

Now you can Add Friends that kited with you. They need to be members of Kiteforum.

Did you land a New Trick? Let us know!

In the Comment box you can add any additonal info or any tip you have for other users.

At the end you can set the Privacy of your session log. Who do you want to see your log?

Now you are done...just click on Save and you have logged your session!