General Events Info

Anyone who organizes any kind of events is welcome to add their events to this worldwide event calendar.

People are interested in any kind of events, like worldcups, national tours, demo days, BBQ, parties, pro camps etc.

We offer these Categories:

Demo Event: gear demos and test events from shops, brand reps, pro riders etc
Fun Competition: local competitions on a normal level
Pro Competition: professional events like world cups or national championships
Come Together: people meet and ride together for a fun time
Meeting: local meetings to discuss problems, bans, political issues etc
Pro Camp: training camps with professional riders
Camp: traning camps with normal instructors
Downwinder: when a group of people wants to do a downwinder
Trip: when a group of people want to do a trip alog the coast with different locations
Party: local parties or BBQs from shops, schools etc
Networking: events where people come together to make friends and business
Other: all other kind of events