How to add a product?

Go to the Outlet Shops section.

Here click on the lower top navigation on My Store Account and below on My Outlets.

Then you will see your outlets, and here click next to your outlet on Dashboard.

Now you will see on the left navigation many tools to edit your shop and to add more info.

Click on Manage Products and then on Create Product.

Now Choose a Product Type. Choose Simple Product and click on Create Product.

Fill out the form. Make sure to choose a Category and if you already added a Section, choose it accordingly (optional).
You can also choose a Section after you added a product. Read more about Sections HERE.

Once saved, the system will tell you if some info is missing.
You have to add a weight, make sure to add it with a dot, not with a comma (e.g. correct: 0.40 ; incorrect: 0,40)

Make sure to have a Picture to upload, sicne this is mandatory as well.

Once saved, you will get to the Dashboard of the product.

Here you can do the following:

Edit Info: edit the main info here
Overview: here you can edit the main description
Profile Picture: change your main product photo or edit the thumbnail
Photos: add additional photos of your product
Videos: add a video of your product, further below you have to choose Youtube or Vimeo and then add the link.
Meta Keywords: here you can add keywords for the meta search
Edit Style: not needed
History: find all past orders of this product here.

To view your product in the shop view, click on the View Product on top.