Which tools does the Dashboard offer?

Go to the Outlet Shops section.

Here click on the lower top navigation on My Store Account and below on My Outlets.

Then you will see your outlets, and here click next to your outlet on Dashboard.

Now you will see on the left navigation many tools to edit your shop and to add more info:

Get Started: guides you thru the process of creating an Outlet Shop.
Edit Info: edit the main info
Profile Info: not supported
Profile Picture: change your picture and add/edit your thumbnail picture.
Manage Products: add, edit and delete products
Manage Sections: add, edit or delete sections
Manage Orders: find here all orders from your shop
Shipping Methods: add or delete shipping methods
Taxes: not supported
Payment Methods: Paypal is the only options for payments. Here you can add/edit your paypal info
Your Bill: here find all info about commissions to be paid to
Transactions: this lists all transaction via your account
Products Sales Statistics: find all sales statistics
Sales Graph Statistics: sales statistics shown in a graph
Sales Reports: generate a report for certain periods etc
Overview: here you can add more detailed info about your shop
Contact Details: edit, add or delete your shop contact details
Locations: here you can add, edit or delete your location
Apps: some tools to promote your shop
Marketing: some tools to promote your shop
Manage Noticifactions: set here your notification settings
Manage Admins: here you can add or delete admins for your shop
Featured Admins: you can add featured admins here to be shown in the shop
Import Products: if you are familiar with CSV you can use this tool to add your products faster
Edit Style: not supported