How can I add a spot to My Map?

Go to My Map and here you will see the blue button Add New Spot.

Click here and then choose a Sport, Country and then the Spot from the dopwdown list.

Then click the Type you want to list the spot under.

You have these options to list them:
- Local: your home spots
- Favorite: your favorite places around the world
- Visited: all other spots you have been to
- Future: where you want to go next, either a day trip or holiday. This way others can see it (if you show it to the public) and get in touch with you to share a taxi, car, rooms etc.

Then set the privacy and click on Add Spot to save it to your map.

Keep repeating it until you have all your spots listed and created your own personal spot map.

If you Spot is not listed, then click to the right on Add New Spot to add it to the database. Afterwards you can find it in the list, after you refreshed the site.