- FAQs
How to find a spot?
Select Spots on the main navigation.

Then select the Sport you want to search for a spot.

We have spots of three kite sports:
- Kitesurfing
- Snowkiting
- Landkiting

Kitesurfing is the default sport, so you don't need to choose it if you want to look up a kitesurfing spot.

You have 3 different ways to search for a spot:
- the Search
- the Map
- choose a Continent

In the search field enter a name of a spot or a nearby town and click enter. The system will show you the search results below. Look  up the results and choose what you are looking for.

If you don't know any name, then use the Advanced Search which offers a variety of search options. Select it accordingly and press the Search button on top. Then below you will find all spots found according to your searched options.

On the map start with selecting a continent marker and click the shown continent name. Then choose the country marker and country name on the follow up map. Or click the country name below the map.
Then you will see a map with markers from the spots. Zoom in to find the spots in the area you are interested in.
Above the map you will find quick links to Regions, Popular Locations and All Locations. Click it to go directly to the area how you want to look up the spots.

Below the map you will find the Regions first. They are organized like this:
- Area: a certain area nearby a city, an island etc.
- Region: a part of a country, e.g. North Coast.
- State: the state of a country

In Most Popular Locations you will find a list of the top 10 spots in that country.

At All Locations you will find a complete list of spot names of the country you choose.
Click the according spot name to view all info.