• 21 September - 24 September 2017
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    Four consecutive days of beach, water, wind, sun, sport and fun in the awesome setting of La Cinta Beach in San Teodoro , Sardinia. Brands, Intenational athletes, Amateurs, pros, interested public will be able to mingle in a dedicated expo village where ...
  • 30 September - 01 October 2017
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    Flysurfer Demo Tour 2017 www.flysurfer.com
  • 04 October - 08 October 2017
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    The 2017 World Champions of the IKA KiteFoil Class will be crowned from 04 to 08 October 2017 at Poetto Beach, Cagliari, Sardinia. The Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam marks the final of this years 4-stop KiteFoil GoldCup which has awarded a total of 125....
  • 10 October - 14 October 2017
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    10-14th of October- you shouldn't miss this awesome festival in Formentera. Music, Arts, Sports. Enjoy your passion, experiencing the coast of Formentera in a unique loop, which in four stages offers the incomparable experience of discovering and enjoying...
  • 05 November - 11 November 2017
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    The World Kiteboarding League are delighted to confirm the El Gouna RRD Center World Cup, this November, which will be held at the RRD Center by Creativity Surfing Egypt. The Qualifier League event will be the third Qualifier of 2017, giving an opport...
  • 02 December 2017 - 22 April 2018
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    PANAMA KITESURFING CRUISE ITINERARY DAY 1 Meet at the hotel Magnolia Inn in Panama City the evening before the trip, then head out to a local restaurant to get to know the group and have a trip briefing. DAY 2 Set off early in the morning in 4 ...