2017 WKL Freestyle Qualifier League Event

  • In addition to the first WKL Freestyle Elite League event, Leucate will be host to the Qualifier event for the 2017 WKL Freestyle Elite League. In this Qualifier event, riders that are not yet pre-qualified can compete for a spot on the 2017 Freestyle Elite League Tour.

    There are 9 open spots for men in the 2017 Freestyle Elite Tour schedule, and 4 spots for women. This will be the only qualifier event for the 2017 tour. In the course of 2017 two additional qualifier events will be organized for placement in the Elite league 2018 tour.

    Riders that reach the top 9 for men and top 4 for women in this Leucate Qualifier League event, will have to join the complete 2017 Freestyle Elite Tour, by participating in all the events of the tour. Together with the pre-qualified riders, they will make up the 36 participants of the Tour. There will also be one local male and female wildcard given for this event.

    For more information and registration details, see here:

  • 10 April 2017
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    Leucate, France Map
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