KiteFreerideEssoTour 2017 Snowkiting in the land of volcanoes

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    Kamchatka is an amazing place. Here you can see how life began on Earth. It's impossible to describe how beautiful it is. Just come!
    Snowmobiles, mountains and active volcanoes, famous Kamchatka freeride, plenty of interesting kiting spots, mountain snowkiting, snowkiting along the coast of Avacha Bay and the Pacific ocean, trips to the farthest and cosiest parts of the peninsula, spring, a lot of snow, sun and wind are waiting! While the round trip ticket from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is about 310 €, you have a wonderful opportunity to visit another planet!

    Tour program
    Day 1. Arrival
    Meeting at the airport, transfer to Esso settlement (500 km, 6-8 hours). We'll go to bathe to the wild hot springs with thermal water on our way, which is the perfect start for the quick acclimatization. Also we'll stop in Sokoch settlement to have famous Russian pies (pirozhki) for lunch. Accommodation at the hotel and supper in the evening.
    Day 2. Esso settlement
    Sleep till afternoon in order to recover after the long journey; lunch. After lunch we`ll check equipment during light kite route.
    Days 3-6
    Early breakfast, going to the high mountain spots by snowmobiles, kite freeride on altitude more tan 1000m, endless routes along mountains, lunch and hot tea en route, constant safety precautions by guiding snowmobiles.
    In the evening heavy supper, bathing in hot thermal water pool in the open air, watching photos and videos shot during the day.
    Day 7
    Rest till afternoon, sending postcards from the local post office, museum excursion, transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
    Day 8
    Snowkiting at different kiting spots in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and its suburbs/ excursion to the Pacific ocean coast/ going to Avachinsky volcano by snowcat (ratrack) to free ride (there are a lot of interesting spots, so we`ll choose them according to the weather).
    Day 9
    Snowmobile excursion to the active volcano spiracle (Gorely, Mutnovsky or Avachinsky volcano, depending on the weather). Three freeride downhill runs, one of them is from the volcano.
    Day 10
    Transfer to the airport, stop in the fish market.
    Attention! This program can be changed due to the wind forecast. We`ll use windy days to the full.

    1st tour 15 March – 24 March
    2nd tour 27 March – 5 April
    3d tour 6 April – 15 April
    While choosing the tour, take into account that the weather conditions will be different: from winter frosty air, powder snow, great sliding in March to kiting in swimsuits on slightly melted spring snow in April.

    Price 985€
    The price of the 10 day kite tour includes:
    Complex extensive travelling through Kamchatka with the focus on active snowkiting. This program is arranged by kiters for kiters.
    a. All transfers according to the program.
    b. Experienced guides, who are ready to show interesting kite routes, known to few people in the world, to give some good advice on mountain kite freeride technics and won`t let you out of their sight throughout the day.
    c. All meals during the stay in Esso settlement. Heavy breakfast, lunch en route and hot tasty supper.
    d. All needed related expenses. Snowmobile rent, excursions from the program.
    e. Accommodation for all days of kite tour.

    The level of participants: this tour is for kiters, who have skills of independent kiting.
    Relief: every kiter will have the opportunity to choose the difficulty of the relief. Unique mountain spots of the Sredinny Range (Middle Range) allow to combine plain kiting with extreme mountain relief.
    Snow cover: There is a lot of thick winter snow, so you`d better take freeride skis and snowboards.
    Wind: 4 – 14 m/s. It`s advisable to have kites of two sizes for this range.

    Accommodation and meals
    Accommodation in the mountains is in the guest houses in comfortable and quiet double rooms, full board.
    Accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is in two or three room apartments.
    Windless days program
    Going to freeride by snowmobiles, excursion to the nomad reindeer camp, evening Russian sauna in the nomads tent. Water pool with hot thermal water in the open air and ski centers are available all the time.

    Equipment list
    1. Kite equipment: kites, pump, harness, leash.
    2. Snowboard or mountain skis with boots.
    3. Warm winter sportswear (2 changes of clothes: for snowkiting and for getting to the water pool during winter evenings, average night temperature in March drops to 25̊ C).
    4. Helmet and ski glasses.
    5. Sunglasses and sunscreen.
    6. Warm mittens or gloves, warm cap.
    7. Sports insurance.
    8. The most important thing! Don’t forget beach towel, swimsuit and rubber slippers (in readily accessible place, as you`ll need them almost at once).
  • 15 March - 15 April 2017
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    Kamchatka Peninsula, Kamchatka Krai, Russia Map
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