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  • Posted On: Jul 05, 2018
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  • Description: We offer kite safari and downwind kite trips in the Dominican Republic. With our downwind safari you can explore the untamed 50km of costeline with crystal clear turquoise waters and coral reefs here in the Dominican Republic. Our beautiful untouched coastline invites you to a new experience of the Dominican Republic. The Buen Hombre surrounding area has multiple downwind possibilities, and we offer downwind trips from Punta Rucia to Paradise Island via Buen Hombre to Playa Poppa (the windiest point on the north shore), and to Monti Cristi. We also tailer trips based on a groups wishes about length and days. Join us for some new stoke! From Juli - Sept we get constant winds everyday, with a secondary season from Dec - March.
  • Location: Buen Hombre, Villa Vásquez, Dominican Republic