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  • $1,500
    Bedford, Nova Scotia, CA
    Almost brand new kite in mint condition. Used for demos (approx. 15 hours flying time)
    No matter where you are, this kite impresses every time.
    Ideal for riding in winds ranging from
    10 - 22 Knots for kitesurfing on a twin- tip board...  more
  • $180
    New York, New York, US
    2015 Best GP bar, 47cm wide with 22m lines. New, still has tags!

    Can technically be use in 4 or 5line mode. Big chicken loop. The front line split is located 3m from the bar. Comes with sleeve, manual and hex tool.
    ...  more
  • $100
    Chicago, Illinois 60622, US
    I am selling my old Slingshot RPM kites to somebody in need. The 8m is from 2010 and the 10m from 2009. Both kites are in god shape, the the 10m has canape repairs. The bar is in super shape with the lines being smooth (2011 bar). However, both kites obvi...  more