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  • $300
    Buffalo, New York, US
    This kite is in very good condition with very low hours and original owner. Canopy is very crispy, valves and bladders tight. No wear. I'm selling to clean house
  • $300
    Buffalo, New York, US
    Kite is in very good condition with no repairs. Valves, bridles and bladder are fine. I'm the original owner, from KHK new in 2012. It has low use and is my backup. I'm selling to clean house. Canopy is crispy and not worn out.
  • $300
    Buffalo, New York, US
    Very good condition with low hours, no repairs, no bladder or valve problems. I'm original owner and clearing out back up kites. This is how I learned kite loops because for 15M it has nice turning speed and steady pull. Still quite crispy and NOT worn.
  • $999
    Portland, Oregon, US
    2016 Slingshot Turbine with 23" x 27" compstick. Crispy kite , very fun , quick turning , light wind kite . Local delivery Portland, Oregon - Hood , River
  • $850
    Late 2016 model. 10m in green/black in mint condition. k.o. reason for selling is switching towards foilkites..

    pictures on request, asking price in Euro
  • $550
    43 West Black Knight Drive Spring, Texas 77382, US
    2016. 140X42. Used 5-10 times tops. Excellent condition. Also own the 136 size and simply like the smaller size better. Great deal on a premium board!
  • $1,200
    Los Angeles, California, US
    Like new Flysurfer speed 4 Lotus 8m2
    About 5 hours of use.
    I sell since I need a smaller kite 6m2 since I am only 140pounds
  • $25
    Hood River, Oregon 97031, US
    I have a few spare kite safety leashes $25.00ea plus shipping
  • $25
    Hood River, Oregon 97031, US
    I have a few extra kite safety leashes. $25.00 ea. plus shipping
  • $300
    Hi , for sale door twin tip takoon 2015 mint condition 158x46 . Price 10000 baths . Thailand. Free one harness npx size m/l and one pump .
  • $549
    190 Lake Shore Drive Michigan City, Indiana 46360, US
    Brand New Starkites AraWak, unopened, still in packaging. Free Shipping!
  • $1,300
    Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, DE
    the kite+bar(52cm) can be yours.
    The kite is in top conditions less than 10 times in use. you can see it at the Turbo line of the Diablo. The canopy has a bit of dirt on it from starting the kite.
    1300€ including a Bar in also top conditions
  • $375
    Hawaii, US
    Used North Evos for sale, kites are in working order and hold air all day.

    2016 North Evo 9m - no repairs ever - $750
    2016 North Evo 7m - some canopy repairs - $550...  more
  • $1,200
    Denver, Colorado 80220, US
    North Rebel 2016
    Size: 12m
    Color: Green
    Condition: Excellent (Flown 9 times - I keep a log and take good care of my kites)...  more
  • $1,100
    Denver, Colorado 80220, US
    North Rebel 2016
    Size: 9m
    Color: Red
    Condition: Excellent (Flown 6 times - I keep a log and take good care of my kites)...  more
  • $850
    New York, New York 10010, US
    I am selling my Core xr3 12m has 50 hours of use max
    no repairs ever
    Super Mint

    $800 kite Only with bag
  • FREE
    2017 Airush Razor Refeer 11m2 NEW 950 €
    2017 Airush Razor Refeer 7m2 Used 3 times 750 €
    2017 Airush Alex Pastor Bar Used 3 times like NEW!!! 350 €
    2017 Airush Livewire 2017 Refeer 138x41 Like new complete with 2017 AFT pads and straps size L 500 €
    If need...  more