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  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    2018 TT:R YOG Qualifiers Cabarete - Recap #1
    Yesterday was an exciting day as big moves were made by riders from all countries, check the recap video from The Youth Olympic Games Qualification
    • 9 hours ago
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    What doesn't kill you makes you stonger KevLog #201
    Welcome to season 2 of KEVVLOG. Last year was very successful with over 1 million views on my video's. This year will be filled with more cool adventures. So make sure not to miss it! It's sad to see when your friend gets injured just before the King o...
    • January 20
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    Session on the Rocks - Freistiel Series #13
    I have never been in Fuerteventura before, but gonna come back definitely. My first session on that piece of rock caught me straight away.
    • January 20
  • anotheroldguy
    anotheroldguy posted a new video:
    Destination: Barbados, where de Action is!
    This old guy visits Brian Talma's beach house for the first time and has a blast kiting, foiling, supping and chillin' with the legend himself. If you're looking for adventure in the Caribbean, you gotta put Silver Rock on the top of the list. Gear: CO...
    • January 19
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    Kiting Jamie Airstyle 2017
    2017 airstyle by Kiting Jamie Enjoy !
    • January 19
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    Chapter One - Chase the Wind
    Chase the Wind captures the aspirations of Zian Kites Australia and that of its riders. Traveling the world and harnessing the elements to create perfect moments in time. Directed by David Hally Produced by Rob Fairhurst and Gemma Kilcoyne Produced...
    • January 18
  • luca
    luca posted a new item in marketplace:
    • January 17
    LABPRO posted a new video:
    Waterstart isn't that easy - Top 5 Fails
    • January 16
  • sensibikinis
    sensibikinis created a new event:
    Women's Kiteboarding and Yoga Retreat Mexico
    • January 16
  • HaraldR
    HaraldR posted a new item in marketplace:
    • January 15
  • Kiteadventure
    Kiteadventure created a new event:
    Kitecruise BVIs
    • January 15
  • Patrik Cedergren
    Patrik Cedergren posted a new video:
    Edge V9 8m
    Some simple boost action with my Ozone Edge V9 8m. It was to gusty to megaloop. ;P Felt like 16-30knots. Got 16.7m on my Woo.
    • January 13
  • Ced Ced
    Ced Ced posted a new video:
    Fun free ride session
    Enjoying some fun free ride conditions on the East Coast of South Africa with the Peter Lynn "Swell" v3, AXIS limited 134, and Underwave wetsuit and harness. Some hooked in tricks and loops
    • January 12
  • toyletbowl
    toyletbowl created a new Directory:
    • January 11
  • Nicogambier
    Nicogambier posted a new video:
    To Automn - Nicolas Gambier
    Red, yellow & brown leaves falling to the ground... But I was lucky enough to get some descent weather and riding conditions just before the winter came! What a finish for this amazing season... Pumped up for the next one :) Now time to stop kiting her...
    • January 9