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  • George Montreal
    George Montreal posted a new video:
    Speed on Ice, KiteSki
    Speed on Ice, SkiKite Spring 2019 Riders: Colin Noel``Xulpix`` Flysurfer Soul 6m Rossignol WC DH FIS Martin Loupfoc F One Diablo 8m Rossignol WC SG FIS Georges Kassir Ozone Edge 7m Atomic WC SG FIS Camera: Georges Kassir Edit:...
    • Mon at 6:54 PM
  • hamba
    hamba posted a new video:
    Back at Skyline
    This video is about snowkiteboarding at Skyline in Utah.
    • Apr 8
  • Ruben99
    Ruben99 created a new Directory:
    Margarita Village kitesurfing school kalpitiya
    • Mar 18
  • Gunnar Biniasch
    Gunnar Biniasch posted a new video:
    Solitude 3: R1v3 21m
    It is harder and harder to get sessions alone on the water nowadays with a lot more foilers around. That is why the 21m R1v3 is just the right tool to get out with the lightest of winds. Check out the laters Solitude movie.
    • Jan 11
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    Aaron Hadlow - Tewnty - Official Trailer
    Aaron Hadlow and Laci Kobulsky join forces once again to bring you movie TWENTY, a feature length movie filmed over a year"s period at multiple locations, featuring Aaron's favorite disciplines in kiteboarding, so be sure to stay up to date with the proje...
    • Jan 7
  • jedi1
    jedi1 posted a new video:
    • Jan 6
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    Hydrofoiling Tricks: How to Pump
    Hydrofoiling Tricks: How to Pump
    • Jan 4
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    What Is Kiteboarding? An Explanation For Family & Friends
    Many times you enter the difficult position of trying to explain to another person exactly what this sport of kiteboarding is. This video is your out. Just say this...then get back to me on it if you want to know more.
    • Jan 4
  • Kyle Brannon
    Kyle Brannon posted a new video:
    What is Kiteboarding? An Explanation For Family & Friends
    Get tired of explaining what it is that you love to do? Here's a quick video to share with others. Maybe it's only an inland kiter issue???
    • Jan 4
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    Chasta's Flow
    Very few of us can make snowkiting look so smooth and effortless. Snowkite legend Guillaume Chastagnol just received his new FLYSURFER Kiteboarding PEAK4 11.0m and takes it out for a spin.
    • Jan 3
  • Toby Braeuer
    Toby Braeuer posted a new video:
    Knot Future: Goodbye, Hello.
    Amidst a time of transition, we are waving farewell to the past, moving forward into the present. We say "au revoir" to our former and welcome to the future. Through the efforts of Noe Font, Craig Cunningham, Xander Raith, and KNOTFUTURE, we collectivel...
    • Jan 3
  • Aldenhave
    Aldenhave posted a new video:
    New Delta Hydrofoil ProTalk
    The Delta Hydrofoil Pro Tip Series continues. This talk revisits the topics of tuning your hydrofoil and dressing your trailing edges for optimal safety. Website: Instagram:
    • December 31, 2018
  • kite003
    kite003 posted a new video:
    Gopro Fusion Impressions- Kitesurfing Holnis
    My first overcapture kitesurfing session with Gopro Fusion (Bar Mount) and GoPro Hero 5 Black (Board Mount).
    • December 27, 2018
    • kite003
      jakemoore Nice videos. How do you tilt and pan the view in the video? In the Fusion software I can tilt and pan but then only export the view settings for the entire video. I'd really like to do a line mount and then follow a friend who is riding close.
      • December 29, 2018
    • kite003
      kite003 I remove card from camera. Copy the back and front files to PC. Render the files with Fusion studio. Then edit with Premiere Pro CC and PC (not Mac). With Premiere Pro and Fusion Plug in you have all options. Including tilt and pan and all overcapture...  more
    • kite003
      jakemoore Awesome! Thank you.
      • December 29, 2018
  • kite003
    kite003 posted a new video:
    GoPro Fusion goes Kitesurfing
    I show 4 different mounting positions of the GoPro Fusion to get awesome kitesurfing footage. Board mount, line mount, kite mount and bar mount. For a detailed mounting tutorial please see the links below. This video furthermore gives an impression about ...
    • December 27, 2018
  • windsuks
    windsuks posted a new video:
    Between the showers
    It's been a slow start to the winter with lots of rain too but every now and then.....
    • December 25, 2018